Music Produced by Ryan Wines and Rob Dennler

Recorded at The Secret Society in Portland, Oregon by Rob Dennler, Tim Shrout and Jordan Leff

Mixed at The Mix Foundry by Rob Dennler

Mastered at Infrasonic by Pete Lyman

Logistic Helpfulness by Pete Lyman and Meghan Pouchebit at Infrasonic 

Vinyl Production at Rainbo Records with assistance from Mark Uehlein and Steve Sheldon

Filming and Photography by Stillmotion

Artwork by Scribbletone

Project Managed by Phil Nelson

Moral Support and Whiskey Consumption by The Marmoset Family

Side by Side

It wasn’t because of luck. It wasn’t because of the gallons of coffee or all of the Thai food take out or even the impressive spread of whiskey. There’s no question about it, this happened because of the people. This record wouldn't have been possible if it wasn’t for the remarkable togetherness of the whole experience. Bands traded songs and styles. Musicians reached across genres to create something new. And we’re all better for it. 

These days, Marmoset is focused almost solely on one thing: collaboration. We believe in doing things together and in pouring ourselves into one another, with the hope of making something we couldn’t individually do on our own. And in that spirit, Marmoset and With Etiquette have combined forces to create a new, more engaging music community.The best way we could think of to tell our friends and family about our excitement and future and vision was to capture the essence of it all on a 180 gram vinyl recording. Hall and Oates. Chicken and waffles. Ebony and ivory. Fireworks and Bruce Springsteen. Some things are just better in pairs.

We’re extremely proud of this record—especially all of the talented artists who made it all happen. We hope you enjoy it too.