You're Welcome Here — Partnering Against Discrimination


Basic rights should be just that, inherently expected and granted to every individual. Because this isn’t the case and discrimination is still very much a reoccurring issue many face in their lives, any opportunity to stand together is a step toward progress.

Marmoset is partnering with other business and community leaders on Thursday April 25th, joining the annual Oregonians Against Discrimination Business Leaders luncheon (learn more here). Showing up means a renewed commitment in fostering a business we’re proud to see interacting with our community — because what happens inside the Marmoset walls stems outward to our artists, clients and collaborators.

The space and place serves as a reminder to do more while also celebrating workers’ rights milestones. So whether you’re someone we work with day in and day out or if you’re a new prospective connection, you’re welcome here at Marmoset.

Posted on April 24, 2019 and filed under Community, Marmoset, Music.