We Support Community

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A creative music agency, Marmoset’s collection of music spans across every genre imaginable, from hip hop to orchestral instrumentals, psychedelic cumbia to nostalgic r&b. Since the first moment we opened our doors, our purpose steadfastly remains in community — sharing in our values, our passion and dedication toward art. It means celebrating each artists’ uniqueness, the differences that defines us as individuals and the creation of remarkable music.

As we continue to flourish, to grow and evolve, we warmly welcome artists, clients, creative collaborators, community organizers of all walks of life — because we believe in the power of inclusivity. We champion for artists of all different kinds, types, expressions and backgrounds — especially those who’ve traditionally been held down, marginalized, exploited or viewed as an underdog within the music industry.

Empowering one another, listening to the stories of struggles and success that’s made us who we are, and never hesitating to lift one another up through positivity — this is what the Marmoset community is all about.

Posted on January 4, 2019 and filed under Community, Music, Marmoset, Spotlight: Marmoset.