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Marmoset's Caramel Hot Chocolate Dream Jam

hot chocolate
hot chocolate

If you're like me, and your homepage is the McDonald's website, you may have been serenaded by some breezy island music when you opened up your world wide web this morning. Please know that you were in fact serenaded by Marmoset's chief creative master of all things chocolatey and caramely....Mr. Brian Hall, who whipped up the site's dreamy music at Marmoset's Portland Studio.

To hear this sweet jam, click here:  There you will be taken on a tour of Mickey D's caramel-centric McCafe beverages, with Brian's silky smooth caramel and chocolate inspired jam on a never ever ending loop. I thought I told that we don't stop? ...Especially when our jam is on a never ending loop.

Shout out to DJ Bunny Ears and DJ Clerical Error at DDB Chicago.

- Will