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Otem Rellik + New = Design Bliss

Fellow Portland homies Juliet Zulu recently traveled to New's office on East Burnside with the goal of capturing the nearly unGooglable design creatives in their natural habitat. (Go ahead and try to find these guys in a search. We dare you.) The result is a video montage of the New crew working hard at designing a new watch - excuse me, a New watch. Yes, that's right, welcome to the double entendre-dome. Seeking the perfect soundtrack to tell the story, JZ teamed with Marmoset for the trunk-rattling beats of Otem Rellik for the project. The frantic yet meditative tone set by Otem Rellik's "End of Town" underscores the dedication and focus shown by the brilliant minds of New, and the mellow outro comes in right as the designers toast a hard day's work with two chilled brews. Well done.

Otem Rellik is on the Marmoset roster, ready and available for licensing.