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Pure Bathing Culture To Close Out Sunday Night at Marmoset's MusicFest Party at Rontoms // Hott Summer Nights 2.0

If our Hott Summer Nights MusicFest party wasn't hott enough already, Pure Bathing Culture will put the exclamation point on things, performing at Rontoms big outside stage at 10pm. It's no secret they're a Marmoset favorite. Hell, we had them play our first Hott Summer Nights (1.0) party in a sweltering hot warehouse...and we just couldn't help doing it again. Our Hott Summer Nights MusicFest party kicks off at 2pm and keeps going until midnight. 15 bands, 4 DJs and $1 beer (Burnside Brewing, Ninkasi Brewing) that flows like a river. Summertime nights in Portland, Oregon just don't get much better than this.

Lineup (outside):

Pure Bathing Culture // 10:00pm

Kelli Schaefer //  9:00pm

Pearly Gate Music // 8:00pm

Purse Candy // 7:00pm  <---------------------------------Music you can dance to.

Sean Flinn & The Royal We // 6:30pm

1939 Ensemble // 6:00pm

1776 // 5:30pm  <-----------------------------------Rock ‘n roll. Remember when rock music was cool?

Kris Orlowski // 5:00pm

Lost Lander // 4:30pm <------------------------------------DO NOT MISS THIS.

Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade // 4:00pm

Houndstooth // 3:30pm

Pegasus Dream // 3:00pm

The Dimes // 2:30pm

Great Wilderness // 2:00pm

DJ Sets (inside) by:

Ryan Biornstad (formerly of Starfucker) // 9:30-midnight

JT Griffith of Nike and OPB Music // 7pm-9:30pm

Boy Eats Drum Machine // 4:30pm-7pm

DJ vs Nature from Beacon Sound // 2pm-4:30pm

Complete info and details here:

Last, but not least... our party is 100% free and is not an official MFNW event. Therefore, no wristband or any other credentials are needed to attend. Everyone is welcome, as long as you’re 21+ and enjoy music. Bring your whole posse.

Friends, family, and sponsors for the party include Portland’s Eleven Magazine, Stumptown Coffee, Beacon Sound, Upright Brewing, Burnside Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing.and others. On behalf of the whole gang here at Marmoset HQ, we hope you can make it.


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