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THANK YOU: IdeaMensch + Instrument + Everyone Who Attended #IM48


Thank you to all of you who came out to Instrument last night for the learning and fun organized by the fine folks at IdeaMensch. BIG GIGANTIC hugs and thanks to Mario and the #IM48 team. Props to everyone at Instrument for hosting and sharing their lovely space. It was great to see so many friends, clients and colleagues and moreover, so much support for Marmoset. Mad props to our fearless co-founder for sharing some insights behind the Marmoset secret sauce: Positioning, Authenticity, Relationships, and being Excellent .

- Kela

Ryan Wines to Speak at IdeaMensch Portland: July 9th at Instrument #IM48

Our very own Ryan Wines is speaking at IdeaMensch Portland on July 9th at Instrument in Portland. IdeaMensch is a global community of people who bring ideas to life. The IdeaMensch folks are doing a 48 state, 50 event, 115 day Road Trip of the lower 48, working to cultivate a global conversation to inspire entrepreneurs and creatives to create and grow. The show starts at 6:30 and is hosted by our friends at Portland-based digital creative agency wizards, Instrument. A dynamite opportunity to meet folks and do a little networking among Portland's creative and entrepreneurial community.Ryan will explain how in less than two years, he's helped turn a random idea between two guys in a coffee shop into a rocketing music agency, shepherding a growing conduit between Portland’s indie music community and Madison Avenue. He'll present some practical, easy to implement tools on how to launch a creative agency. During Marmoset’s brief history, they’ve scored original music for commercials in the past two Super Bowls, they regularly work with the top creative agencies on the planet, and have cultivated a unique community of uber-talented, hard working, blue collar artists. Not bad.

Get your ticket with a discount by RSVP-ing before July 6th. AND... if you use the promotional code "marmoset" you get an additional $5 off. What a deal. RSVP  and get more info here.