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Levi's + Boy Eats Drum Machine

Marmoset artist and Portland wunderkind Boy Eats Drum Machine lays down the beats for a new Levi's vignette. The song is "Planets + Stars" from his 2009 record, Booomboxxx. This and a full Boy Eats Drum Machine catalog of fresh beats and catchy hooks are available for license and any creative use you can imagine with Marmoset. Shout out to Luke at K23. Holler! -Dan

Levi's + Drexler and Sunbeam

Levi's has a new series of web spots featuring young, up-and-coming, fashion-savvy bloggers. And what better than to accompany these hip women with some young, up-and-coming bands courtesy of Marmoset. This spot features Drexler's "Ball Point Pen" and Sunbeam's "Love, Love, Love". And if anyone at Levi's is reading this... I'M BLOGGING THIS WHILE WEARING SOME FRESH 508s, MAYBE YOU SHOULD DO A FEATURE ON ME. Ha.