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The soundtrack to discovery // 3 inspiring + orchestral pop songs from Cup of Gold

The moment of discovery is something that can be hard to put into words. Like seeing the Cascade mountains for the first time, or traveling to a distant part of the world;  there's a magic that can't be easily explained - music can play a large role is conveying an emotion that goes beyond words.

There is an abundance of hope and optimism that is captured within every anthemic song from Cup of Gold. Composer, Dan Koch (Sherwood, The Long Valley, Sea of Cortez) embraces a more cinematic approach with these inspiring, orchestral compositions.

Take for example the track "Summer Rain," keeping a warm, inviting vibe that leads you down a bright, sun-dappled path, rising and falling with crescendos of acoustic guitar, piano and steady percussion. There's an eternal summer locked inside this song that tells a story of friendship, comfort and reflection.

The whimsical and playful "Sweeping Views" lays a foundation for big ideas. Starting out with reflective piano, the mood picks up into epic territory with big drums, sweeping strings and lush bedding of synthesizer. This track moves mountains.

"Climbing the Tree" is a fitting name for this track, as it steadily ascends into beautiful swells of strings, big drums and piano. Powerful, empowering and confident, this is a heart-felt journey to a bright and hopeful destination. Take in the breath-taking, panoramic views with this one. 

Want shorter versions of these songs? Check out Cup of Gold's entire Songography at his Marmoset Artist Profile

Featured Artist // Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan.jpg

The music of Matthew Morgan is a calm deep breath.  

With each orchestral and ambient composition carrying an inspired and empowered mood, there is a lot of space between every note for reflection.  Morgan's beautiful scores create a perfect bedding of sound for any moving image it accompanies.  Although his music is peaceful, there is still an epic impact with every song.  Here are a couple of examples...

"Quinn Gunnar" is at once angelic and hopeful. Keeping a steady texture of bright and gorgeous synthesizers, it was a great companion and opening song to this Showtime sports documentary with it's serene and optimistic tone. 

The cinematic piano of "Sun Through The Clouds" made for a perfect backdrop to a recent short film from The North Face.  As we follow along the scary world of solo climbing, the music keeps an imaginative and relaxed space to balance everything in perfect harmony.  Absolutely jaw dropping.

Now that you've seen a couple of examples, how would you license these songs?

The Most Popular Songs for Commercials, And What We Wish They Could Be

Over the years, commercials have been straying away from jingles and including some great music into the mix. Now with new and creative collaborations happening with music and picture, agencies are tapping bigger bands on the shoulder to provide the soundtracks.  That doesn't have to be the case anymore.

Step aside major label bands, here are five examples of independent blue collar bands that fit the bill for these great moments in ad campaigns.

1. Tropicana Farmstand

"Carried Away" by Passion Pit backs up this colorful video about the vibrant and exciting world of restocking fruit juice.  Not only do they make this job look cool, but this dude has some sweet dance moves.

The Plain Ensemble's "Revolver" amps up the mood with it's bouncy and upbeat drum machines and synthesizers. Stay pumped my friends.

The youthful vibes of the song Adult Sports League brings fun and energetic beats and.  In just 33 seconds, this song ramps up with lively electronic sounds. if candy had a sound, this would be it.

2. BlackBerry

Tame Impala's "Elephant" keeps things cool in the vignette for Blackberry.  With rolling grooves heavy with rhythm and fuzzed out guitar, this commercial moves along in style.

Here are a few songs from our custom composer steam.  Each one presents 30 seconds of gritty and cool-as-hell rock that will make you pump your fist in the air.    Enjoy the jams below.

3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile's commercial for iPad brings an airy and light approach with color and sound with this recent vignette.  Phoenix's song makes you feel like you're floating in a cloud of awesomeness, making this a great balance of audio and content creating an immersive experience. 

"Easy" by the The Little Indians is a mischievous and sentimental composition led by slick guitar.  Their infectious brand of power pop will kick any blues to the curb with their bright compositions.

Their other song "Stay With Me Tonight" brings a romantic lens with this upbeat and hopeful number. With electric guitar backed with ooh's and aah's crooning the whole way through, we can imagine this as a backdrop to a night out in the city.

4. Southern Comfort

For the record, this guy is awesome (sweet loafers too), and he's living a dream of having your own personal soundtrack that follows you; when that song is Odetta's badass 70's hit "Gotta Be Me", haters be warned.  This commercial is a great example of bringing vintage and modern aesthetics together into one cohesive anthem.

The instrumental version of "Never" by Dan Koch lays down a mischievous soul groove that would make David Lynch swoon. Led with an electric guitar strutting along, this music is sparse and confident.

"Cosmic Cowboy" by Cabinessence showcases a classic and funky approach with their unique brand of Americana. While balancing whimsical lyrics along with positive and upbeat guitar work, this song lends the ear a gritty perspective.

5. Volkswagon

Get moody with the serene commercial from Volkswagon.  In this dreamy homage to lost teenage nights, there is a vintage and nostalgic quality to it that not only hit a vivid moment in time, but also revived Nick Drake's iconic song "Pink Moon" that remains emotionally relevant after so many years.

Keeping in the organic palette, "Beautiful Eulogy" holds you in a calm and reflective space.  The song breathes and moves like a journey that blends piano and guitar work harmoniously.

The Parson Red Heads' song title "Never Ending Road" not only fits the vibe perfectly, but also travels along a winding road of bright acoustic textures and hopeful lyrics.