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Marmoset + Ameritrade: A Post-Apocalypse Retirement Plan

This TD Ameritrade spot features original music from Marmoset and a voice over from the one and only Matt Damon. In the commercial, Damon explains out why waiting for the world to end on December 21, 2012 (as predicted by the Mayan calendar) may not be a financially prudent retirement plan. But we'll see who gets the last laugh as I spend my 12-21-2012 partying like there's no tomorrow (because there won't be), and Matt Damon spends his time planning for a retirement that will never happen. How do you like those apples, Matthew? Still...maybe some kind of a plan B isn't a bad idea. Hmm...

Shout out to our bay area buds at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Looking forward to hanging with some of you at SXSW in a few weeks.