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Download Our "Youthful Pop" Mixtape

Photo by Tru Studio

Photo by Tru Studio

Guest DJ: Brett Ferster

We have ten attitude-driven tracks in our new Youthful Pop mixtape that have a classic sound, perfect for establishing a calm and collected atmosphere in your project.

There's a classic cool that stands the test of time. You know it when you see it, and the same thing happens when you hear a song that you feel like you've known for your whole life. In our recent interview with filmmaker, Brett Ferster, he shared his thoughts on using music to establish a strong atmosphere for the audience to become immersed in. Each of the ten tracks in our new mixtape bottles a familiarity that immediately connects with the listener.  Enjoy.

What track did you connect with? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. Share your recent work with us at — we'll select a few of our favorites on the journal.