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Marmoset + Party Damage Together At Last


We are stoked to be teaming up with the local + awesome label Party Damage Records owned by our good friends Ben Hubbird and Casey Jarman bringing on some new and awesome bands on board.  We couldn't be happier to collaborate with such creative folks.

Now, onto some of the rad music we now have on our roster...

Vin Blanc/White Wine


Joe Haege brings some of the most unique music we've heard to date.  Packed with eclectic and percussive compositions, Haege writes carefree and explorative songs that bare vulnerable and joyous moments.  

Immerse yourself in his expansive take on pop music. Perfect for wild and rebellious nights in the city.

Your Rival


Right out of the gates, this band gives you the most youthful and upbeat pop-rock you'd ever want.  Lead by energetic guitars and bombastic melodies, you'll be taken right back to your high school days, however awkward they might have been.

Bright and optimistic music for the masses.