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Working With Available Light: Follow Marmoset artist, The Earth and Arrow in a beautiful short documentary

Friend and filmmaker, Matt Mahoney, just released a beautiful snapshot of an artist's path in this new vignette about Marmoset artist, Rob Casmay (aka The Earth and Arrow). Follow along his thought process of why and who he creates music for.

"If you like something, you should try to learn as much as you can about it." — This is a guiding philosophy of Rob's and he's carried it with him throughout his musical career, from high school bands to his home studio. It's all about exploration for Casmay as he found little inspiration from music classes -- he just jumped in and figured it out along the way.

Now successfully reaching a point of being a full-time composer, Casmay reflects on how he got to this point and how he continues to explore in his soundtrack work, taking each project as a unique opportunity and challenge. Witness Rob's story below. Enjoy.

Filmmaker, Matt Mahoney, had some words when he shared his work. "His [Rob Casmay's] story is probably common in musician circles, yet it is so uniquely his in the way he approaches it and talks about it, I felt it was a story worth telling. We shot this quickly, with no money, and available light." Be on the lookout for more Marmoset artist profiles to come from this amazing storyteller. Listen to the music of The Earth and Arrow here.


Shared Work: This film will make you fall in love with NYC in 3 minutes

We're in love with this short film.

One of our favorite parts of what we do is not only getting great music out into the world, but being able to see where it lands. It brings us great joy to view all of the films shared with us from filmmakers and agencies.

Filmmaker, Andrew Franks shared his recent film nyc with us and we've been floored ever since. Through a series of serene and contemplative shots with familiar narration and the track "Dreams of Love" by Marmoset Artist, Ramova, it shows a love affair with an enigmatic city by simply showing it. Watch this timeless love story.

We'd love to see your new film. Please share it with us at We'll choose one of our favorites to feature on our journal. Share the love!

Original Music // Depactus

Sometimes what makes a great soundtrack is the space between the music. We used silence as an instrument in a recent collaboration.

Our friends at Instrument always kill it and their newest film for Depactus is nothing short of compelling. Bringing together an ominous VO narration with striking and surreal imagery brought forth a dynamic film that not only showcased the intensity of surfing, but conveyed the moodiness and awe-inspiring nature of the sea itself.

Giving respect to the humbling imagery, our team of music supervisors and composers worked on a soundtrack that accentuated the raw power of waves and what lays beneath the surface of the ocean. Our team of producers—Tim Shrout and Rob Dennler—worked closely with our Creative Director and co-founder Brian Hall, going with a grittypowerful direction with his soundtrack. Mimicking the fluidity of water, his music was equal parts silent serenity and bombastic dissonance crashing in like waves on rocks.

The collaboration of music and picture is a dance. Great dance partners don't step on each others toes and when it comes to writing a soundtrack, there's a lot of potency of knowing when not to take the lead and simply follow along in silence.



Why You Should Be Using Original Music For Your Film Project

Original Music // "Anthem"

Music + Picture // The Seven Wonders Of Oregon

Music + Picture // #ShareTheSea's Compelling Short Film

We love seeing every story sent our way, especially when they inspire us. This particular story is about giving and charity -- a story we have to share.

Brian Spielman from Vignette Creative shared a recent short film he created for SeaShare: an amazing organization that provides seafood and other healthy alternatives to food shelters across the US. In 9 minutes, this film travels through so many emotions. This required a varied soundtrack. 

Using tracks like "A Dream, Once Remembered" by La Liberte, "Alone" by Courtland Urbano and "Acquired In Heaven" by Beautiful Eulogy, the sense of hope and optimism is amplified within this film. We invite you to check this film out and find out more about SeaShare at:

Share your story with us at Join the conversation.

Levi's Commuter series hits the streets of Oakland

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.39.30 AM.png

Over the last few weeks, Levi's has been unveiling their new Commuter film series, riding along with different movers and shakers in the different parts of the world. We've had an amazing time collaborating with our good friends at Instrument on this project.

First, they took you to New York with Kyle Garner of Sit and Read Furniture, then sped you through the bustling streets of London with Poet/Musician James Massiah. Now, with the final installment in tow, you now land in Oakland following along Tyrone Stevenson Jr, who does amazing work with the Scraper Bike Movement.

In this beautiful portrait, you get a glimpse of the impactful service that Stevenson Jr provides to the youth and community through bicycle maintenance. There are so many striking scenes in slow motion, including one of him leading a literal parade of flamboyant, colorful bikes down the sunny streets of Oakland.

One of the common threads throughout the entire film series is the vintage, yet timeless vibe in the soundtrack. We went with a groovy, retro direction that payed homage to the urban landscape and gave space to the chill narrative of each piece.

For this particular vignette, we worked with gorgeously sparse soulful track "More (Blues)" by ARP. It was the perfect track that feels almost like a lullaby with the coolest horns, drifting along with the serene mood of this film. 

How many days have you forgotten?

As a call to action in this new video from Story & Heart, Dan Riordan and Dana Saint from Gnarly Bay Productions have one request for you: break your routine and tell a story.

With an empowering soundtrack "July Flame" by our Featured Artist Laura Veirs,  this vignette conveys the importance of capturing moments in our lives to weave together an incredible narrative. 

In a recent S&H blog from, our good friend Justin DeMers writes:

What drives us to capture our stories is to not only keep them close to our hearts, but to help others experience them too—to experience the beauty we see in the world...You have no excuse to not start filming.  Because once you start, you may find that you can't stop.

In other words, get off your ass, grab a camera and tell your story.