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Marmoset's Top 20 Albums of 2013

Another year has passed, which meant another visit to the Marmoset Deliberation Chamber to create our annual list of our 20 favorite albums that came out.  After many rousing speeches and defenses, hugging, crying in fetal positions, laughing, arguing than laughing again, we found ourselves with a unique collection of albums that we absolutely love.

2013 was an incredible year for music.  We got to see national bands challenge themselves to new directions, and we're proud of some Portland-based bands getting the national attention they deserve.  We're honored present our list to you.  Without further ado...


1. Wakin' On a Pretty Daze // Kurt Vile


Alright, it's one thing to win the hearts of fans in your hometown, It's another thing to have your hometown name a day name after you.  Philly has officially declared that August 28th is Kurt Vile Day.  And considering the fact that we've been listening to "Wakin' on a Pretty Daze" nonstop over here, we're jumping right on that bandwagon.

In his newest record, Vile has curated an amazing collection of guitar tones that sometimes feel like you're listening to a song straight out of Top Gun, and loving it.  With his own brand of slacker storytelling, his songs stroll along and throws structure to the curb.  This perfectly titled album brings out the stoner in all of us, hazed out and grinning. 

Marmoset's Music Scout + Artist Relations Wrangler Brandon Day said "Kurt Vile's psych-stoner jams are like non-other.  As he puts it "making music is easy - watch me".  I'm all ears."  Watch him below...


2. White Lighter // Typhoon


This album kicked our ass.  We knew this band was good, but everything has been elevated on their new album "White Lighter."  With a staggering number of members (now up to 12), each song blasts out a wall of sound with horns, drums, guitars, violins and bass ringing out in anthemic majesty.

Drawing from personal experience, Kyle Morton is not afraid to tackle dark topics in his lyrics, yet there is always hope and beauty on the flip side (take for example the video below) What makes these songs so powerful is how you can't help but sing along with melodies that are catchy as hell.

Marmoset's Financial Guru Jonathan Haas said "I spent the better part of the last two years, prior to joining Marmoset, watching this album take shape [I worked for Typhoon and for their record label]. Often such an intimate perspective lessens the impact of the final record. This was not the case with this album. I teared up the first time I listened to it."


3. Modern Vampires of the City // Vampire Weekend


These Columbia grads are on to something, because every damn song on this album will stick with you.  A perfect example is in their single Ya Hey (see the video below) where not only does their unique brand of indi-pop draw you in immediately, but will leave you singing along (even to the chorus, which sounds like chipmunk gibberish).

"Modern Vampires of the City" has transcended all of their past albums with songs that bring more weight than aesthetic.  Looks like these gents are growing up.

Our very own Jonathan Haas remarked "If you didn't like this album then you were doing it wrong. It's Paul Simon updated for the year 2013. Not that Paul needs to be updated."


4. Muchacho // Phosphorescent


If I could choose one soundtrack that would follow me around during the lowest point in our lives, it would be this album - believe us, this is a huge compliment.  It's so sad, it's beautiful.

This album covers so much musical territory. From horse-shoe honky tonk ballads packed with pedal steel and violins to gorgeous and hypnotic synth-folk like their single Song For Zula (watch below)

This album appeared on many of our individual lists including the likes of Marmoset's Duchess of Digital Strategy Sarah Buchanan.

Marmoset's Brandon Day states "There's so much to say about this record - the heartache, the perfect blending of classic country and folk, and the honest songwriting of frontman Matthew Houck makes "Muchacho" my favorite record of the year and one I'll cherish for a long while to come."


5. Paracosm // Washed Out


After listening to this album nonstop at the office since it came out, we've realized that this is not an album, this is a drugged-out daydream that we just woke up from.  Every song is jam packed with lush textures and synthetic soundscapes, it's been very easy to be sent straight to the astral plane with this musical journey.

Dig this collaboration they had with Urban Outfitters in this captivating music video below...

Marmoset's Studio Manager + Human Swiss Army Knife Tyler Nordby had this to say: "This record is freaking awesome. It has been my go to driving music for the year. Sadly I didn't really listen to Washed Out until this year. The grooving etherial landscape sounds makes me think of being on the train in Europe. This album has changed the way I look at Synth based indie rock."


6. Tall Tall Shadow // Basia Bulat


I need to start this one off with a disclaimer: Basia Bulat's song "Tall Tall Shadow" will be burned into your brain once you've listened to it.  That pretty much goes for the rest of her album.  This album and Toronto-based songstress takes folk to a new platform, adding incredible vocals and programmed beats to make this into one cohesive testament of beautifully-arranged wizardry. 

In her best album to date, she's been killing it this year winning people over en mass (including yours truly - Marmoset's Social Media Dude, Stirling Myles) and even appearing on Canada's Hockey Night.

In summation: Basia Bulat is a baddass.


7. Haw // Hiss Golden Messenger


This album brings enough straight up folk-rock to make Tom Petty weep a thousand tears of sorrow.  HAW is collection of exploratory folk ballads that are simple and complex at the same time.  Tying together influences that pull from the front porches of the Appalachians to modern city streets, the lyricism of M.C. Taylor is timeless and cutting.  It also doesn't hurt to have members of Megafaun as your backing band (well played Mr. Taylor).

Songs like "Sufferer (My Conqueror)" brings vivid imagery of tent revivals and strange rural psychadelia making AM Country radio proud. Beautiful and strange music that is so unique, yet so familiar.


8. We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic // Foxygen


Two main things come to mind when listening to Foxygen: 1. This duo is way too young to be playing music this matured, and 2. they were born in the wrong generation with the well-polished psychedelia they're playing.  Much like their partners in crime (Dr. Dog, Tame Impala, Cults), they don't simply play "retro" music, they embody it effortlessly.

While wearing their influences on their sleeves, they are creating something uniquely their own while paying homage to their predecessors of the past.

Marmoset's Intern of Awesomeness, Bob Werner said "Come on, you know you're a little jealous of Foxygen for being twenty-somethings that already sound like The Velvet Underground covering The Kinks." It's also no secret that Brandon has had a crush on this band for the past couple of years now. 


9. Sleeper // Ty Segall


Ty Segall is a shredder through and through, and that doesn't stop on his acoustically-driven album "Sleeper." What stands out is how versatile Seagull is on this new record.  He traded instruments and carried on a new tone ala T. Rex with a new and more delicate approach to his songwriting.

Even in it's softest moments, this album still (folk) rocks and gives all the psychedelic mastery that we all know and love from Mr. Segall. This made it on the list of  Marmoset's Music Supervisor + Fellow Shredder Kat Olsen.

Marmoset's Ryan, Sarah, Brandon and Shane all explained having a euphoric time catching the stripped down performance at this year's Pickathon Festival, check it out below...


10. Animals in the Median // Radiation City


Appearing on our list again this year, we've been further sucked into world that Radiation City has created.  "Animals in the Median" is so damn good. Here's why...

In this album, they brought soul, pop, psychedelia, dissonance and incredible musicianship together into one masterpiece of an album. Their music speaks volumes to how creative it is - it's no wonder they were voted as last year's Best New Band by the Willamette Week.

Marmoset Co-Founder and Head of Music Supervision, Ryan Wines, claims he's played no single record more in 2013 than this one. Also be sure to check out the Remix version of this record, a brilliant collabortion between Portland-based beat masters, G-Force, TxE and Rad City. 

Don't just take our word for it, watch the haunting video for their single Zombies below.


11. B Room // Dr. Dog


We LOVE Dr. Dog over at the Marmoset camp and we caught them when they destroyed the Crystal Ballroom earlier this year.  Their new album "B Room" does not disappoint, we learned that they tracked everything live when recording the album which is incredible hearing all of their precision and intricate harmonies.

Here is another set of warped and strange pop ballads from this eclectic ensemble that we've known to enjoy so much over the years.  Here's to another awesome album, gents.

Shed a tear with the video for their single Broken Heart below. Dr Dog is a longtime fave of Marmoset's Brandon Day and Ryan Wines. Sadly, Music Supervisor Eric Nordby just doesn't get it. 


12. Tomorrow's Harvest // Boards of Canada


We first want to give a huge round of applause to these lads for reemerging after 15 years of living in a cave of solitude.  This album is well worth the wait and picks up seamlessly from their last album over a decade ago.

"Tomorrow's Harvest" is addicting, immersive and reinvents the wheel again in the world of electronic music.  This duo has once again created something relevant and timeless at the same time.  Welcome back.

Our Head Honcho + Director of Music Supervision, Ryan Wines stated "Tomorrow's Harvest" feels like a chilled-out, atmospheric film score, wrapped around slowly brooding ambience and dimly lit electronic meanderings.  At times the record almost feels like the arrival of an ominous night fog, in the way that it subtly settles in all around you."

Check out their single Reach For Dead HERE and the rad video below.


13. …Like Clockwork // Queens of the Stone Age


Imagine being on a desert road for days without an end in sight.  There's a biker gang chasing you, a constant sun beating down relentlessly. Gas is running out and you're running on fumes.  "...Like Clockwork" would be the perfect soundtrack to this experience, blaring the whole time.

This album presents one pummeling rock song after another - well worth the long wait since the last album.

Marmoset's Brandon Day remarked "After some dormant time, Queens of the Stone Age bring back their desert rock in a decidedly dark manner. Make no mistake, "...Like Clockwork" rips.  Josh Homme's been brewing this collection of stoner-rock for a while."


14. Monomania // Deerhunter


The one constant element with Deerhunter is how unpredictable they are. These weirdos do not disappoint with "Monomania," they just get grisly.  With one wall of distorted sound to the next, they pummel our ears with riffs reminiscent of 70's Rolling Stones. With so much grit and gloss packed in every song, it feels like a hangover after every listen, but one we would never regret.

This album soared to the top of the list for Marmoet's Senior Producer + Dapper Man Extraordinaire Rob Dennler.

With songs like "Monomania" (see video below) they revel in the grizzled elements in our lives with fists pumped in the air.  The only question we're anxiously left with is "what's next?"


15. The Bones of What You Believe // CHVRCHES


Congratulations to CHVRCHES for writing one of the catchiest albums of the year, seriously (insert slow clap).  This British trio has been killing it this year with their infectious dance-pop jams.  Much like M83 and Passion Pit, they have nailed down a very modern sound with a wide array of influences from the 80's.  

Marmoset Artist Relations Intern Julia Brotman and Big Ideas Badass Justin DeMers both had this album ranking high on their year end lists.

This album is not only energizing and uplifting, it also presents a very human experience within the electronic world, causing a rare and special hybrid of music.


16. Dream River // Bill Callahan


So, Bill Callahan has been at this music thing for a while now, and it shows that with age, he just keeps getting better and better.  Dream River is a collection of serene and captivating folk songs that make you feel like you're listening to an old sage in a bar at the edge of town.

Callahan's rich and deep vocals has become one of the most signature and iconic voices in indie music.

Our Creative Director + Red Bearded Scallywag Brian Hall has this album ranked as #4 on his year end list.

Check out some songs from this quiet masterpiece in the NPR video below.


17. Overgrown // James Blake


We've come to the conclusion that James Blake is an alien, no human this young should have a voice this good.  Overgrown is filled with some of the sexiest music of 2013 with enough classical music, R&B and solemn gospel to make your head spin,

Dig the song Retrograde and dive into the deep well of James Blake's baritone voice.

One of the main things we have to thank Mr. Blake for is showing us what real Dubstep is, we've been sadly misguided by the recent phenomena of "Brostep"  (sorry Skrillex, wait I'm not sorry).  So get sultry, already.


18. Orb Weaver // The Parson Red Heads


These folks know exactly what they're doing, and they keep getting better and better.  The Parson Redheads have claimed a firm grasp on how write a distilled, poignant and catchy song.  This year's album has shown maturation from this already established and solid band.

We've been loving this album over; it's landed on many of our lists including the likes of Marmoset Music Supervisor + Golden Voiced Eric Nordby.

Marmoset Music Supervisor + Resident Music Encyclopedia Ron Lewis stated "The Parson Red Heads are almost singlehandedly carrying the torch for West Coast power pop.  Never straying too far from the late 70's + early 80's idioms of the genre, they pay faithful homage to the iconic songwriting of the Byrds, Big Star, Cheap Trick, Rain Parade and the bands of the Paisley Underground."


19. Keep It Safe // Wild Ones


It goes to show that great things take time, and this is definitely the case when it comes to this amazing album from Wild Ones. After a year of complications, they finally came out with this stunning collection of songs. Their own brand of indie-pop is lively and brings together a lot of unlikely worlds and genres together harmoniously.

We were stoked to host them at our Hott Summer Nights MFNW Party and due to popular demand, they opened for The Flaming Lips.  After having such an incredible year and album, Keep It Safe is just a prelude to the national success that is to come.

Music Supervision Master Ryan Wines stated "Keep It Safe" feels like a giant leap forward for the band once dubbed by Portland's Willamette Week as "the dance party at the end of the rainbow." The new record delivers Wild Ones with a new sense of maturity and confidence.  While it's refined, it maintains a youthful, buoyant pop quality that keeps me coming back to it when I need a lift."

Dig this cool and strange video for their single From Nothing.


20.  Songs From the Vanished Frontier // Yellowbirds


Sam Cohen (aka Yellowbirds) brought one of the most engaging albums of the year taking us all by surprise.  Songs From the Vanished Frontier mastered the art of time travel and crooned us back to the age of the 60's with a barrage of washy and psychadelic guitars.  There is a strong vintage sound throughout the entire album, setting a vivid scene of a drugged-out Beach Blanket Bingo and hazy mornings in Los Angeles.

Marmoset's Brandon Day commented "These folks came out of nowhere and completely took me by storm.  Songs from the Vanished Frontier is a well-thought out group of psych-rock." Yellowbirds have been faves around Marmoset HQ for a long while now, as Music Supervisor Wizard Ron Lewis has kept them in constant rotation, often referring to them as a "band's band." Damn these guys are good.

Check out the rad Terry Gilliam-esque video for their single Young Men Of Promise.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order)

Cupid Deluxe // Blood Orange

The Third Eye Centre // Belle & Sebastian

Mug Museum // Cate Le Bon

II // Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Trouble Will Find Me // The National

Somewhere Else // Indians

Home // Rudimental

Random Access Memories // Daft Punk

If You Leave // Daughter

Pure Heroine // Lorde

Mosquito // Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Moon Tides // Pure Bathing Culture

Beyonce // Beyonce

Regions of Light and Sound of God // Jim James

Big Wheel and Others // Cass McCombs

More // ARP

Antenna to the Afterworld // Sonny & The Sunsets

The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight // Neko Case

The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand // Matt Pond

Featured Artist // Typhoon


The music of Typhoon will grab you and never let go.  With the vivid lyricism and storytelling of frontman Kyle Morton, each song moves and sweeps while painting a massive landscape of strong emotions.  Presented by an astounding 11-piece ensemble, their folk ballads are powerful, euphoric and dynamic.

Take for example their song The Honest Truth which is packed with acoustic guitar, horns and gang vocals.  There is a reflective and honorable feel to this composition amidst all of the transparent and clear vocals.

Summer Home presents a tension between the burdened and the hopeful living in a common space.  The result is this beautiful composition that is a moving and intimate journey.

Within every composition from Typhoon there is something that resonates deeply for everyone, something vulnerable and human. While check out their brand new video below, be sure to listen to more of their music HERE.

Tender Loving Empire warms up the winter with "Portland Smiles"

Picture 5.png

Tender Loving Empire released a compilation of Portland bands covering The Beach Boy's masterpiece album Smile  and we think it's pretty damn good, here's why...

Portland Smiles presents 11 genre-hopping songs from a wide array of local bands taking turns paying homage to this eclectic album originally written by the enigmatic and eclectic Beach Boys.  Each cover brings new light on their songs through a variety of different and unique voices.  From Adam Brock's symphony of vocal harmonies in his cover of Good Vibrations to Turbo Perfecto's sludgy rock version of Fall Breaks and Back to Winter; influence and tribute go hand in hand in this great collection of songs.

Now available on iTunes, enjoy covers from Radiation City, Typhoon, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, and many others that make an appearance on this celebratory compilation. So let's bring in the winter months right...with beach balls and suntan lotion.

Check out this new web series Beach Party TV with interviews of musicians from the compilation.  In this first episode (below) enjoy this interview with Colin Jenkins (who covered Heroes and Villians).

Hey Filmmakers, Meet our Crowdfunding License

In recent years, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter  and IndieGoGo  have been conduits for bringing to life incredible creative projects. They've taken the difficult concept of bringing a mass group of people to support a single artist or cause and made it simple, easy and, most of all, fun.  

 One of the most fun aspects (and one that largely contributes to if the project is funded or not) is the video that accompanies the campaign.  Over the years, as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo gained in popularity, so to did the requests from these video producers for music for their campaign videos.  

And with that, we're excited to be able to help make the process of syncing music to your campaign video as simple as possible - meet our new Crowdfunding License

Our Crowdfunding License covers the duration of your campaign – this way you're only paying for the lifespan of your project (up to 60 days). It also allows you to use the song to advertise a single product. 

For all of the information, please visit our FAQ available here.

Now, what would a post on crowdfunding platforms be without highlighting a couple of incredible campaign videos? 

"I'm Fine, Thanks" is a documentary funded through the successful crowdfunding campaign last year from Crank Tank Studios.

A crew of filmmakers traveled 10,000 miles interviewing people along the way; how they found happiness in their lives through unexpected ways. They raised $116,164 from 44,477 supporters.

This wonderful vignette was backed with the song Building Houses by Wesley Jensen

Our buds in Typhoon recently had successful Kickstarter campaign in buying a new touring van.

As a working band that is constantly on the road, the need for a fully functioning and reliable van is crucial. 

They were able to raise $63,480  from 996 supporters.

Music was by, well...Typhoon. 

Lonesome road, no more

Philippe Bronchtein (Hip Hatchet) and Sean Spellman (Quiet Life) currently touring together in Alaska.

Philippe Bronchtein (Hip Hatchet) and Sean Spellman (Quiet Life) currently touring together in Alaska.

We love the bands that we work with and the music they record, yet there's something extremely special in a live performance that completes the sonic experience they're creating: it's live, moving and breathing.  Whether singing along to your favorite lyrics, or chatting with the band after their show, you become a part of an experience which speaks volumes. Another special element is the support you're giving to the bands that you enjoy; by coming out, you're helping bands make a living and make it possible for them to come back in the future.

With summer now cooling to fall weather, a handful of bands from our roster are cramming into their vans and getting on the Interstate. These bands are heading out on the road for different lengths, ranging from 5 days to 9 months, and to many different places, from stretches in California to our overseas neighbors in Europe.  There are a lot of working musicians on the road, some of them are touring without a lot of promotion, so we highly encourage you to check them out when they come rolling through your town.

Here are just a few of them...


Hip Hatchet


Many of Philippe Bronchtein's country ballads are inspired from the rambling road and the characters he meets, so it's only fitting that he's on the road a lot.  With guitar in hand and a rich voice to sing along with it, he's going to be out for 9 months touring the states twice, heading out to England and Ireland, as well as touring with Quiet Life and The Head & The Heart for a month. Check out his dates HERE.


Quiet Life


The road is no stranger to these gents, being that they've been touring for the better part of 10 years.  Their shows are filled with tales of triumph and woe to cry in your beer to.  All of their stories paint their own classic brand of an American landscape.  Currently in Alaska (with Hip Hatchet), they will be continuing out east and back again opening for The Head & The Heart and Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.  Check out their dates HERE

Kye Kye


The music of Kye Kye is beautiful, haunting and immersive.  Their albums have turned the heads of many listeners, and it's no surprise that they were tapped on the shoulder to open for Jars of Clay, whom they are currently sharing the road with.  Be sure to catch them as their live performances are rare and equally as enriching as their recordings.  Check out their dates HERE.


Parson Red Heads


We had a ton of fun hosting and working with these fine folks on our recently released Side By Side project.  Their live performances are a sight to be behold in their vintage and rock-filled majesty.  They're heading south of here down California with Mimicking Birds in support of their upcoming album Orb Weaver. Check out their dates HERE

On the road, hand in hand // Radiation City & Typhoon are coming for you


Radiation City

Radiation City

Radiation City and Typhoon have hit the road together and are most likely playing where you live in the coming weeks.  Both bands are on our roster and it's great to see our creative community broaden out to the national spotlight. Here are 3 reasons why you need to see them.   

1.  Merch sales overpower CD sales.  Next to licensing and merch sales, touring is one of the main ways that bands can make a living.  With the growing number of online sources to stream music for free, CD sales have become a small factor in creating a sustainable living for independent musicians.  By coming out to the shows, you're directly supporting and engaging these touring bands to keep going, thus, making more music, and we all love music, right?

2. Live Music is the best music.  Typhoon consists of 11 members in their band and just by that sheer volume of people playing music together is something to witness in itself.  There's something visceral and powerful about seeing recorded music literally come to life. on stage.  Both Radiation City and Typhoon present something special: innovative music that carries the torch of creative storytelling.  These bands are talented and if their albums haven't won you over yet, their live performance will.

3. Meet the bands.  One of the best parts of going to show is meeting the people that create the music that you love.  In this special opportunity, you can engage with the artists and take your own stories from this unique experience.  With this said, make sure to give them a high five for us.

Check out their upcoming dates. 

Wednesday, September 11 - Missoula, MT @ The Top Hat

Thursday, September 12 - Boise, ID @ El Korah Shrine 

Friday, September 13 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge

Saturday, September 14 - Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive 

Monday, September 16 - Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room Lounge

Tuesday, September 17 - St. Louis, MO @ Old Rock House 

Thursday, September 19 - Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center

Friday, September 20 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall 

Saturday, September 21 - Columbus, OH @ Wexner Center for the Arts 

See all of the dates HERE