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Licensing tips for your next film from Wistia

When it comes to film, music plays an equally important role as the visuals, the folks at Wistia agree. 

In this rad (and hilarious) tutorial on how to choose music for your video, Dan Mills drops some serious knowledge on the fundamentals of music licensing. Some key moments include 0:34 where someone reads the same lines over different background music. At 1:00, Dan talks about finding the right feel for your film (this is where we make an appearance). 

Click on the image to see the video.

The film continues at 1:46 with comparing the differences between the form of a song matching video form. An important point comes up at 3:03 on finding songs with real instruments over licensing songs with electronic banjo and acoustic guitar (you can really hear the difference, folks).  High quality music stands out and makes your film shine through.

We love Wistia and use their platform for the video content on our website.  Seriously, these folks know what they're talking about.  In celebration of this video, we're offering a special "Wistia Discount" on your next license.  Share the love.

Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Filmmakers Challenge


Our friends at Stillmotion, With Etiquette, and Vimeo bring us the final episode in of their 4-part video series on how to make a compelling story on film (you can see the 1st and 2nd one HERE, and the 3rd one HERE). This video walks you through each step of the four P's of storytelling (People, Places, Plot and Purpose) and gives you their story as they follow the people at Coava Coffee...and a challenge.  It's your turn to tell your story.

Your challenge is to take all of the techniques that you've learned from the series and create a 1-2 minute film following someone or a group of people doing what they love.

Some dates you need to know:

  • Monday, May 6 - Challenge closes to all participants at 11:59pm EST
  • Thursday, May 9 - Vimeo selects the top 10 contestants (each will receive a $99 license from With Etiquette)
  • Friday, May 10 - Cinevate selects final 3 winners
  • Saturday, May 11 - Prize winners will be announced on this blog!

Please take the time to download this HANDBOOK to help you select your People, Places, Plot and Purpose.

To enter the contest, join the "Storytelling the Stillmotion Way Challenge" group on Vimeo.  Looking forward to seeing what you create!

Storytelling The Stillmotion Way: Part 3

Our good friends at Stillmotion and Vimeo have been releasing a 4 part series that gives insight into making your story in film as captivating and engaging.  Check out the first two videos here. In episode 3, there still exists the evolving question of what makes a good story; What makes a story stand out?

This episode also dives into the key roles of planning: Storyboarding, choosing the right gear and some helpful tips to think of during your shoots.

To make everything complete, this video features the work of our pals Derby, David Swensen, and Drexler among others.

Storytelling: The Stillmotion Way

Vimeo Video School

Vimeo Video School

What makes a good story? A memorable story? A story you just can't wait to share with others?

Stories exist all around, but there are several key elements that make us want to know more, remember them, and go through the efforts to share them.

Our good friends at With Etiquette and Stillmotion teamed up with Vimeoto build a 4 part series of videos discussing the principles of creating an engaging and memorable story in film.

In episode 1, our buds explain four important elements in giving your story finite grounding – People, Places, Plot and Purpose. Click here to watch episode 1.

In episode 2, research takes over. How can we get to know our people, places, plot and purpose? How can we succinctly, with just a few keywords, get at the heart of our story? Click here to watch episode 2.

In the next couple of days, episode 3 and 4 (which features our friends at Coava Coffee) will be premiering so stay tuned!