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New Music // The Vandies keep things close to home in 'Bright Lights'

The Vandies (featuring our very own Kat Olsen!) gives a glimpse of the country life in their video premiere of 'Bright Lights'.  In this beautifully filmed vignette, we get to see the softer side of this normally rawkus pop-punk ensemble. From one sweeping and scenic shot to the next, the song moves and sways right along with it.  

Not only is the music impressive, so is the entire process behind the scenes. When watching this music video, you're not only witnessing a charming collaboration of music and film, but an awesome testament to the DIY ethics that went into the process every step of the way. 

The band kept things personal in their approach to making the video.  From filming in the lead guitarists remote home town of Brooks, Oregon, to bringing close friends Daniel Cole and Martin Vandepas onto the project. Kat spent more than 30 hours editing the video herself in post-production. The result is the engaging video below, showing that all you might need are close group of friends to create an inspired piece of work.  Go Vandies! Keep up the good work.

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