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So Fresh: Radiation City at the Cathedral of Junk

Deep within the confines of Austin, TX there is an unassuming house in a quiet neighborhood.  The house can easily be passed by, if it wasn't for the looming construction made of trash.  The Cathedral of Junk is made up of anything you can think of: lawnmower wheels, car bumpers, cables, bottles, circuit boards, and kitchen tables to name a few.  These structures are in Vince Hannemann's backyard, who started building them in 1988 and has been building them ever since. Falling in line in a lineage of other strange and magical structures including Watts Towers, Forevertron, and The Orange Show, the Cathedral of Junk serves as many things, and one of them was as a stage for our friends in Radiation City.

During the hot days of SXSW, GoPro chose different bands to film and they captured the unique band playing in an equally unique landscape.  This is an exceptional video showcasing a moment in time and the imaginative world(s) that we create around us.

Radiation City is on the road right now - check out their tour dates HERE.