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Featured Artist // Marley Carroll's "The Hunter" Is The Ultimate Spring Jam

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Change, rebirth, growth - these are all things we associate with spring. Marley Carroll's "The Hunter" has all of these components wrapped into one imaginative song.

Carroll has been making some of the sunniest electro-pop grooves right now, and everyone's invited to this dance party.

This instrumental blends together ethereal oohs and ahhs hovering over a lush bedding of strings, synthesizer and big drums. This is the perfect song that pairs to stories of waking + reflection leading into a brighter, exciting future.

Dig more of Marley Carroll's vibes at his Artist Profile.


Newly formed trio On An On recently released their 10-track debut album entitled Give In, and it's real fresh. The album is appropriately gloomy for the coming months of constant Pacific NW drizzle, but it's also got a funky sweetness that warrants a decent indoor booty shake. The Chicago/Minneapolis-based group are what remains of the indie band Scattered Trees. It's cool to see they were able to craft a successful spin-off, as so many sitcoms of the 90s have proved this to be a challenging feat. This is more Cheers to Frasier than it is The Next Generation to Deep Space Nine. Comparisons to crappy television aside, this is a good album — snag it! Tracks we're especially sweatin' include, but are not limited to: "The Hunter," "Ghosts," and "Cops"