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Top 5 Love Songs That Don't Suck

Yup, it's that time of year again.  We begin to our search to find that perfect song that expresses our feelings of love and devotion.  The only issue that we always have to wade through a overly-saccharine sea of sappy tunes.  Love songs don't need to be cheesy; so step aside Celine Dion and Bryan Adams, here are five love songs that don't make you want to throw up.

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1. Charles Bradley // Let Love Stand a Chance

Touted as the "Screaming Eagle of Soul" Charles Bradley continues to create some of the most heartfelt funk around these days.  Unabashedly influenced by the big brass sounds of the 70's, he still presents something timeless and uniquely his own. 

With lyrics like "I've been thinking what to say / If you walked through that door / All the walls we build around us / Let them fall to the floor" how can you go wrong? No mixtape should go without this one.


2. The Beach Boys // God Only Knows

You've probably heard this one before, but let's give another listen, eh?  The Beach Boy's song of love and moving on (...or not at all) is a testament to another kind of romantic tune.  With Brian Wilson's brilliant arrangements showing up in films like the ultimate rom-com Love, Actually, it's firmly settled in our hearts.

However, things get a little creepy with lyrics like: "If you should ever leave me / Well life would still go on believe me / The world could show nothing to me / So what good would living do me" - but hey, creepy is good, right?


3. Tom Waits // Alice

This beautiful ballad will make you cry the tears of a thousand junkyard dogs.  With a soundtrack that's perfect for a back alley speakeasy, this piano driven song moves like a hazy dream.  

This song beckons to the old crooning days while not being overly sentimental. Mr. Waits low barritone voice serves as a perfect narrator guiding you along with lyrics like: "I disappear in your name / But you must wait for me / Somewhere across the sea" - well done (insert slow clap).


4. Mazzy Star // Fade Into You

This one sends us on a rocket back to the 90's, yet it still holds up.  Moving much like a sweet lullaby, all of the instruments blend into one hypnotic soundscape.  Making numerous appearances in many films and countless TV shows, there's something that keeps bringing our ears back to this song.

Also, whomever can tell us the meaning of the following lyrics like: "A stranger's light comes on slowly / A stranger's heart without a home / You put your hands into your head / And then it's smiles cover your heart" will get extra bonus points.


Beach House // Take Care

Enter the dream world with this one.  Beach House create emotive landscapes of hazy and airy qualities.  There is usually a lot to be interpreted with their lyrics, but this one remains pretty straightforward, wait no it's not "Deep inside the ever-spinning, tell me does it feel / It's no good unless it's real, hill side burning" alas, it's a beautiful song.

...And yes, their practice space is usually covered in feathers.

Tender Loving Empire warms up the winter with "Portland Smiles"

Picture 5.png

Tender Loving Empire released a compilation of Portland bands covering The Beach Boy's masterpiece album Smile  and we think it's pretty damn good, here's why...

Portland Smiles presents 11 genre-hopping songs from a wide array of local bands taking turns paying homage to this eclectic album originally written by the enigmatic and eclectic Beach Boys.  Each cover brings new light on their songs through a variety of different and unique voices.  From Adam Brock's symphony of vocal harmonies in his cover of Good Vibrations to Turbo Perfecto's sludgy rock version of Fall Breaks and Back to Winter; influence and tribute go hand in hand in this great collection of songs.

Now available on iTunes, enjoy covers from Radiation City, Typhoon, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, and many others that make an appearance on this celebratory compilation. So let's bring in the winter months right...with beach balls and suntan lotion.

Check out this new web series Beach Party TV with interviews of musicians from the compilation.  In this first episode (below) enjoy this interview with Colin Jenkins (who covered Heroes and Villians).