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Staff Profile: Nicole Wilson, Music Supervisor

A defining and driving force behind what we do is our love for music, pure and simple. We love getting great music out into the world, and we love the artists who create the music we love. We are real people with a real passion for connectivity through art and our process revolves around genuine relationships we build with filmmakers and artists alike. In effort to put a face to the name to the people who work, we'd like you to get acquainted with Music Supervisor, Nicole Wilson.

Nicole comes from a varied life in the music industry. Aside from having tour management experience with the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Darker My Love and Kings of Leon, she also is well-versed with music licensing with her previous work at various agencies and showcases her vast knowledge of new and innovative music with her own Cast Iron Songs blog. She is constantly expanding her musical palette to new territories. 

We're thrilled and honored to be working with Nicole and her growing family (with a baby on the way!!). And are excited to travel with her into our collaborative adventures. Get to know Nicole Wilson below.

M: Why music? What calls you to the music industry?

NW: I've just always loved music! From a young age it was something I enjoyed and sought out. I never really thought about pursuing it as a career until my last couple of years in college. I love the people I've gotten to meet, the places I've gotten to travel to and all the experiences it's allowed me. I feel really lucky to be able to work in a field I love.

M: What is your guiding philosophy as a music supervisor?

NW: To always enjoy what I do. Putting music to picture has always been an enjoyable process for me and I want to maintain that approach for as long as I'm doing it. The day I forget to enjoy the creative process or take it for granted is the day I should probably reassess why I'm doing or move on. I also think about the artists and looking out for their best interests. It's not about selling a product but about creating opportunities for people to discover new music.

M: What does a successful collaboration of music and picture look like?

NW: I think it could look a few different ways, but for me personally it's either when I experience an authentic emotion during the moment the track plays over certain visuals OR it can be when I'm watching something and the music makes me sit up and ask "What is this song?!" More often it's the former — kind of a seamless moment where the visuals and audio work perfectly.

M: When not at the studio, what are you listening to?

NW: Since most of my days are usually spent listening to new music and pulling songs for picture, my out of studio time is usually spent listening to a small rotation of favorite albums - Ryan Adams, Neil Young, etc... Devendra Banhart's Mala has been playing in my car for who knows how long! I do go through periods where I get super inspired and seek out new music to listen to, but most of the time I fall back on my favorites. I also like to decompress when I'm driving home by listening to classical radio which I never really imagined myself doing! I used to get so annoyed when my parents would listen to classical radio in the car.

M: What's the most random thing that's happened to you in the last month?

NW: When I took my dog out at 10pm the other night, I was startled by my neighbor "walking her cat" sans leash. The cat was really just hanging out in our front yard and was the twice the size of my dog. I thought it was pretty strange.

M: What's something on the internet you can't unsee?

NW: Maybe one of the funnier things I can't seem to forget is the Facebook convo between a dad and his son that went viral. That gave me a good laugh. There are probably more things I can't unsee on TV than the internet.

M: What's your jazz stage name?

NW: Nicky G.

M: If you could sum up your entire life and accomplishments in half a word, what would it be?

NW: Thankful (as in thankfulness)

M: What's your favorite place in Oregon?

NW: My house! And I like Mt. Tabor park a lot too.

M: What's on the horizon for you?

NW: Well, the most obvious thing is the baby that we're expecting any day now! After that, who knows!