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Commericals // Golden State Warriors

In this last day of 2013, we look back to October when we worked with the Golden State Warriors on their TV spot. We learned two things: 1. Everything looks cooler in slow motion and 2. Ill Mondo's "Sound Sharp" is the perfect accompaniment for this rad sports short.  

Heavily inspired by Old School Hip-Hop, this steady composition is confident and precise with a youthful edge, matching the cool aesthetic of this vignette.

You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy this one, stay cool everyone.

- Stirling Myles

Stella Artois: The Life of Sundance


Head to the Stella Artois Facebook page to check out parts one and two of a four-part series on the Sundance Film Festival, the American mecca of up-and-coming cinema. Both clips feature licensed music from artists on the Marmoset roster. Part one, titled "The Arrival," sets the scene with the Stella crew landing in Salt Lake City, driving to Park City, and getting the bars all fired up for a heavy flow of smooth lagers. The soundtrack to the scene is the retro-classy "Sound Sharp!" by Ill Mondo.

Part two, titled "Morning," profiles Daniel Joly, a chef who aims to approach food with the same creativity as a director approaches a film. His way of achieving this: Beer for breakfast. As an ingredient of course, not the main course. The sleepy-eyed aura of the clip is aided by "Terminal Seat" by Big Spider's Back.

Both Ill Mondo and Big Spider's Back are featured on the Marmoset roster, so give us a shout if you'd like to use their music in a project. Shout out to our friends at VML in Kansas City for making things happen.