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Marmoset News // Norman releases "Into the Eventyr" with 3 shows


One show is not enough when it comes to the release of Norman's awesome new album "Into The Eventyr".  Starting tonight, they're performing three celebratory shows in Oregon.  Our dear friend and enigmatic music supervisor Eric Nordby fronts the ramshackle ensemble that produces some of the catchiest, boot-stompin' anthems around.

In their perfectly titled album, you are taken on an eventyr; an adventure down a country road with their songs of revelry and joy.  Like the infectious new single "Younger", these gents take a fresh approach in their own brand of folk balladry.

What goes well with a live show? Beer of course. Well, Norman has that covered too with their own line of Norman Ale (in collaboration with Calapooia Brewing) coinciding with the album release.  Below are three chances that you can see this ridiculously talented and fun band. 

Don't worry, for those of you outside of Oregon, you can still get your grubby hands on the album HERE.

11/22 - Salem, OR - Gilgamesh Brewing

11/23 - Corvallis, OR - Bombs Away Cafe with The Parson Red Heads

11/24 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir with The Hugs and Old Age

- Stirling Myles

Listen to the new and beautiful instrumentals from Amy Seeley


We're excited to announce that 10 new instrumentals from Amy Seeley are now available to license for your next film.  These tracks are from her acclaimed 2010 release 'Plum Coulee'. 

Amy's music speaks like a whimsical diary of city life, each song capturing reflective moments in a still life of sound.  These instrumentals showcase her emotive piano playing and lush acoustic textures that are not only inspiring, but euphoric in nature. Take for example, the simple and beautifully crafted Mile Marker as it travels to your ears like a lullaby.

Be sure to check out more of Amy Seeley's music at her Marmoset Artist Profile HERE

Without further ado, here are some other artists we want you to meet.  Stand aside bros, we're shining the spotlight on some immensely talented female musicians that have just joined the Marmoset family.



Mree's music is beautiful, angelic and expansive.  Hailing out of New York, this multi-instrumentalist creates sonic soundscapes combining vocal layering with acoustic and ambient electronic textures. Haunting and ethereal, the imaginative music of Mree will leave you inspired. 

At only 19, she's been recording, producing her own music, while filming and editing her own music videos.  Having already garnered attention from the likes of Bon Iver and reaching #46 on the iTunes Top Alternative Albums chart, Mree is already on her way to carving out a well established place for herself in the national music landscape.

Check out Mree's Marmoset Artist Profile HERE 

Gregory & The Hawk


The songs of Gregory and the Hawk (aka Meredith Godreau) breeze through like the wind, speaking in hushed sounds.  Although her voice is quiet, everyone is listening to her engaging compositions.  Strong singer-songwriter vignettes make up Godreau's catalog of acoustic balladry.  Reminiscent to the likes Nick Drake, Liz Phair and PJ Harvey, she has taken her inspirations to create something uniquely her own: Moving folk numbers that sweep and sway like a dream.

Check out Gregory and The Hawks Marmoset Artist Profile HERE



Lisa Garcia fronts the band Copperfox, leading the way with her captivating vocals packed with strong melodic sesibilities.  Her band meticulously crafts country-rock that evoke the imagery of a vast starry night in the desert.  Expansive and beautifully composed, the music of Garcia and Co. will wash over you in a haze and leave you breathless. 

Check out Copperfox's Marmoset Artist Profile HERE 

So Fresh: John Vanderslice And His Renaissance Life


For 13 years, the San Francisco-based John Vanderslice has been winning people over with his unique voice and presence in music.  His special lens on Folk-Pop is deeply personal and political at the same time, creating and engaging atmosphere all the same.  With 10 records under his belt, he has always managed a way to remain present in the constantly shifting music landscape, all on his own terms. There is a depth to Vanderslice's music that unparallelled, something that lasts in your head long after the music is over.  With each release, he presents something different, from folk ballads with electronic beats, to playing with full-fledged orchestras.

Whether producing albums in his studio Tiny Telephone, collaborating with the likes of Spoon, St. Vincent and The Mountain Goats or by touring constantly around the world, John Vanderslice has been championing the way for independent musicians making a career for themselves in a creative manner.

In preparation of his recently released album Dagger Beach, he left his label and set up a Kickstarter campaign to start his own.  His goal of $18,500 was met within hours, and he ultimately reached $79,000 by March 21st, 2013 from 1224 backers.  This campaign is currently one of Kickstarter’s top 40 most funded projects in Music.  He funded and meticulously recorded the album that created his most innovative record to date (see video below).

Time and time again, he has self-sufficiently made a name for himself from community outreach and participatory collaboration.  His artistic presence continues to show creativity on and off the vinyl.  We're honored to host John Vanderslice at our Hott Summer Nights MFNW Party on September 5th.  Come and enjoy his music for yourself.