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Music IQ // The role of Instrumentation

As there are unique personalities coming to life in your film, instruments carry their own personalities that tell their own story.  From the earthy organic sounds of acoustic guitar strumming to the inhuman space-like tones of a synthesizer, everything runs in a spectrum, and this includes the role of instrumentation in a composition. With our Instrument Search Filter, you can find the right musical character to move alongside the character on screen.

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By searching with this filter, each option presents songs that showcase the instrument that you choose.  With options ranging from Drum Machine to Banjo to Stomps & Claps, all of these choices have their own tones and characteristics that stand out.  You can choose from 15 different instrument options to help get you on your way.

Let's take a look at some unique examples, shall we?


Stomps & Claps

The song If Ever There's a Reason by Derby is a great example of how stomping and clapping provide a prominent driving pulse to a song.  Throughout the entire piece, there is a definitive pulse that pushes the song with organic textures and lays bare boned and human, keeping the song in an intimate emotional state. 

Stomping & Clapping is not always a typical instrument that comes to mind when thinking of prominent instruments in a composition, but it remains as a powerful and driving force in a lot of songs.  Often revelatory and performed as a group percussion; stomping and clapping evokes the most organic of textures considering that the instrument is the body itself.

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Ooh's & Aah's

The instrumental version of Lilyana by Fever Fever gives a nice representation of how the human voice can be used a melodic instrument without words.  There is a triumphant quality to the vocals within this piece to give a human quality that cut through the dreamy synthetic haze.

Much like the organic elements of Stomping & Clapping, songs with Ooh's and Aah's jump right to the emotional organic state of the human voice as an instrument itself.  Although, the element of lyrics can discern the content of the song, sometimes just hearing the human voice is all you need to connect with the emotional state of the piece.

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Big Drums

The presence of the drums are one of the main characteristics in Esperer , a song by 1939 Ensemble.  The drums are a constant and are a strong character in the composition directing as a conductor of the songs trajectory.  Moody and highly percussive, this song speaks volumes with drums leading the way.

The role of Big Drums does not necessarily imply that they have to be loud, but rather a key instrument that drives the song from point A to point B.

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Kye Kye's song Broke showcases an alternate world that synthesizers can create.   This composition evokes a sense of reflection and confidence.  Straying from the organic path, the melodies and aesthetic from keyboards can present an epic and cinematic feel with their synthetic and almost futuristic textures.

Music with strong influences from synthesizers can create lush atmospheric soundscapes and wide diversity of tone and texture.  Often perceived as mechanical, there is a lot of room to create an entire experience with a palette that no human can replicate; this can create a moving experience.

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Want more than one instrument?

With this search filter, you can select multiple combinations of different instruments to make your search more in depth and closer to find exactly what you're looking for. Let's say you want Ukulele AND Synthesizer, you'll find the song Blue Lead Fence by Loch Lomond

With so much creativity on our roster, it only makes sense that there's a variety of different ways that each band interprets how they play the same instrument.  There's a lot of great here, and we want to help with tools to find exactly what you're looking for.  Happy searching.