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The Great Marmoset Tree Cutting Expedition of 2014

Another year's come to an end and it's an understatement to say that a lot has changed.  Our personal and professional families have grown, we've had the honor of collaborating with so many great people and projects, and we're extremely excited to venture into the great unknown of what lays ahead.

Taking this all in, we ventured out of the city and into the woods together in what's becoming our annual of tree-cutting expedition. There may or may not have been whiskey involved.

Music Licensing Coordinator, David Katz and Digital Team dude, Shane Geiger took the first turn sawing into the gigantic monster of a tree.

Developer + Designer, Ryan Rebo and Artist Relations, Steve Schroeder soon took the helm and endured the arduous task at hand.


When the going got tough, Music Supervisors Kat Olsen and Nicole Wilson persevered. 

Tree 13.jpg

Catching Co-Founders Brian Hall and Ryan Wines in a "natural" moment as they effortlessly tackle the behemoth.

And Brian found new methods of taking a tree down.

All smiles from the gang with the triumph of finding our favorite tree. This could only result in...

...a dance party.

Developer + Designer, Ryan Rebo and Producer, Tim Shrout found a quiet moment as they bring our prized tree out of the woods.

The Marmoset Family [front row, from left to right]: Jessica Cassady, Nicole Wilson, Victoria Semarjian, David Katz, Beth Martin, Tim Shrout, Rob Dennler. [back row, from left to right]: Eric Nordby, Ryan Rebo, Steve Schroeder, Kat Olsen, Jon Haas, Brian Hall, Stirling Myles, Ron Lewis, Brandon Day, Bob Werner, Ryan Wines, Katy Davidson, Shane Geiger. [Katie Seaton, Quinn Connelly, Mark Cleaver not pictured]

Stay safe and warm out there. Whiskey optional.

Huge thanks to Daniel Cole for the photographs and  Sauvie Island Farms for the room to frolic in. A massive hug to everyone we've gotten the chance to collaborate with this year — It's been an incredible one. 

Demystifying Music Licensing for Blue Collar Musicians

grammy panel.png

In this modern landscape of the music industry, the role of music licensing has become one of the most important avenues of income for blue collar, working musicians.

On Wednesday, July 9, Marmoset will bring together a group of talented and experienced creatives to have an open conversation and help break down and demystify the fog and complexities of music licensing and what it means for you, the working artist.

We're ditching industry jargon and insider talk for an honest, transparent conversation. We'll break down the process and decision making that goes into licensing your music to film. We'll show some examples, take you through the process and help explain why decisions are made, what music works best, and the nuances behind the scenes. 

The discussion is taking place at our Headquarters - 2105 SE 7th Avenue, Portland OR 97214. Doors are at 5:30.

The event is currently filled and we're no longer accepting RSVP's. Please check back in or sign up for our newsletter to find out about our upcoming events. Thanks so much.


Let's meet the speakers...

ron lewis.jpg

Ron Lewis is a Music Supervisor at Marmoset who's worked on a ton of independent films, commercials and ads. He's also experienced time in the field as a touring and recording musician with the likes of The Shins, Fruit Bats and Grand Archives.




Joe Simon is an acclaimed Austin-based filmmaker who's traveled the world, capturing stories with his striking documentaries. Winning multiple Telly Awards and a place on Event DV's Top 25 list, he's become one the most innovative voices in the industry today.


johnny clay.jpg

Johnny Clay is a composer whom has built up a incredible resume of scoring for ads, film and reality TV, leading him to been able to quit his day job and pursue a full time career in music.  He's a wonderful case study of a Pacific Northwest blue collar musician success.




ryan wines.png

Leading the event is our fearless leader, Marmoset Co-Founder Ryan Wines, bringing a wealth of working knowledge in the music licensing industry as a label owner, band manager and creative director.  Ryan co-pilots Marmoset’s creative teams, overseeing all music licensing and original music projects. He also recently gave a TED Talk on fostering creative culture and creativity


Introducing: Marmoset Radio

Explore and discover music: Anytime, Anywhere.  We're excited to announce Marmoset Radio.

In effort to help you along the search for the perfect song, we present 7 finely-crafted stations that span the musical spectrum of our expansive catalog.  With more than 10,000 songs from our roster, we'd like to make them more accessible for you whenever you need them.  Let inspiration come to you.

Here are the current stations handpicked by our talented Radio Curation Team...

Heavy RotationCurated by Ryan Wines 

Indie Electro - Curated by Shane Geiger & Ryan Wines

Soundtrack for Lovers - Curated by Ryan Wines

Indie Discovery - Curated by Ron Lewis & Ryan Wines 

Pop Folk - Curated by Eric Nordby & Ryan Wines

Relaxation + Chill - Curated by Kat Olsen & Ron Lewis

Record Label Feature: Tender Loving Empire - Curated by Brandon Day

You can access Marmoset Radio by clicking on the radio icon on your desktop or tablet. This feature can also be accessed on your mobile device from the menu drawer by clicking on the "Turn on Marmoset Radio" button.

Music + Picture // The Seven Wonders of Oregon

You can have the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef, we have seven wonders of our own.

We're absolutely stoked to have worked on this amazing project with the likes of Travel OregonKatie Reardon and the whole crew at Wieden + Kennedy in a recent campaign for the state that we call home.  In a series of beautifully-filmed vignettes we helped score the soundtrack for the Seven Wonders of Oregon.

With the music supervision of our very own Ron Lewis, our friend Eric D. Johnson of the Fruit Bats scored original music to match the engaging imagery of Oregon's 7 magical settings.

Bryan John Appleby also joined in on the fun with his powerful song "Boys" perfectly matching the tone of the trailer below.

Check out this vignette where Eric's tune coasts along with the snowy wonderland of Mt. Hood.  

Want to see more?  Go HERE to see more of we call the our own Seven Wonders.