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Dear Nora's Indie-Pop songs tell stories we can all relate to

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Much like the human experience, there is always a fine line between joy and melancholy. The music of Katy Davidson (aka Dear Nora) captures the balance of reverie and reflection with great ease. Here are three thoughtful songs that can really drive the complex mood of a project you're working on.

Starting off on the lighter end, "Give Me Some of Your Love" gets right to the point with straightforward + conversational lyrics. Sparse and confident, this anthem is driven by 60's-esque electric guitar and handclaps. This playfully romantic composition is short and sweet, just the like the title.

With just an acoustic guitar and minimal percussion, "Here We Come Around" presents an intimate reflection that feels relatable and personal. Diving into emotional territory, there are glimpses of hope and inspiration shimmering through with oohs & ahhs alongside confessional lyricism.

Lastly, "The Flats if Irony" rounds out the emotional spectrum of Dear Nora's music with a combination of youthful energy and matured pop-sensibilities. Bright electric guitar with strong beachy vibes is balanced with classic harmonies, all conveying something we can relate to, a human story.


Featured Artist // Cassie Peterson


A great song is like a story told from an old friend - something vivid and comforting.

The music of Cassie Peterson creates images of an old country road passing through a wide horizon.  With each country ballad moving into the next, her compositions have a calm familiarity and give the sense that they've been with you for a long time just waiting to be sung along to.

Take for example, Peterson's song "Tennessee Heart" that brings an intimate vibe with bright acoustic guitar leading you on a journey with romantic lyricism.  Her vocals shine through with confidence and sculpts a wonderful piece that ascends as her story and song progresses.  A wonderful song to reflect to.

The instrumental version of "Too Soon To Tell" is stunning with how the piano and acoustic guitar waltz together. In this hopeful and optimistic song, it swings and sways at a consistent and calming pace. Scenes of a wedding dance come to mind in this composition in it's romantic tone.

In another striking instrumental, "In the Rain" is anything but dreary, it remains stoic in nature and keeps a great pace the whole way through.  There is something very human about this piece in that perseveres and triumphs over any unforeseen obstacle.  

Cassie Peterson brings a narrative that gets right to the point with how positive her music is, something that tends to be so uncommon in the country tradition - such a breathe of fresh air.