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3 reasons why you should go to Timber! Fest

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Nestled in the beautiful woods of the Washington, our dear friends at Artist Home have outdone themselves once again. Over the course of July 24, 25 and 26, the Pacific NW will be beaming with the some of the best music around. 

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In only it's second year in existence, the homegrown Timber! Outdoor Music Festival has expanded into something very special, and here are three reasons why you should come to this festival.


1. It's small, personal and local


Things are kept closer to home in this grassroots-driven festival.  Timber! showcases the incredible wealth of creativity in the Pacific NW.  With the festival being held at the intimate Tolt-MacDonald Park in Carnation, WA, the show going experience is much more immersive and approachable than other festivals. With a whole array of local businesses and sponsors working together, this is more of a celebration of NW culture than a festival.


2. The lineup is amazing


There are some incredible bands and artists packed in the schedule. With the likes of Charles Bradley, Damien Jurado (pictured above), J. Mascis and Rocky Votolato stepping onto the stage, it's a real treat to see these greats in such a rare and intimate setting.

As the lineup is still unfolding, we also get to see some awesome up and coming acts in the area including 1939 Ensemble, The Comettes and The Physics. This is definitely the year not to miss.


3. More than just a music festival


Embedded within this great festival is the mission of combining music, family and community in a beautiful natural setting.  With an array of camping options, there are tons of hiking trails and other outdoor activities to enjoy amidst the music. Here's to another great year, feel the good vibes.