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Francis's Bacon Featured at the 2012 London Olympics


While he plays drums and has a laundry list of other "special talents," Maxwell Grove is the resident Visual Artist on staff at Marmoset Music. While he works on a wide variety of quirky and sometimes inspiring projects at Marmoset (like painting our new corn hole set) Max is most appreciated for his unique sense of humor and uncanny impressions of Christopher Walken. We dearly love this guy.

Max is however quite the artist and is one of only three U.S. artists to have work featured in an official capacity at the 2012 London Olympics. It's a pretty big deal and we're all really proud to have him on our team. The work is titled "Francis's Bacon."

When asked to describe the background and vision for his work featured at the 2012 Summer Games, Max replied "It's a piece of bacon. What else do you want me to explain about it."

You can check out Max's pork of art here:

You can learn more about Max on our People page: