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Music Night Fundraiser at Marmoset


A week focused on celebrating music and our community (check out the Portland Design Week event we hosted on Wednesday) can only properly be wrapped up with a good cause.

This Saturday April 13th, gather at Marmoset and join fellow education supporters for a memorable fundraiser; emphasis on fun. With proceeds going toward local education institute St. Andrew Nativity School, attendees will get a front row seat music experience — the night featuring a live performance of pop sensation, Frankie Simone.

The evening also includes a live auction for one of a kind experiences and amazing food & drinks. Show your support and RSVP by following the link below. See you there!

Have a beer, change the world // Meet the first non-profit pub

Meet The Oregon Public House, a place where charity meets celebration.

Last month, our friends at Stillmotion gave 12 filmmakers from around the world a challenge - Over the course of 4 days in part of an EVO Experience, teams of 6 would meet in Portland to direct, edit and produce a film, featuring the work of a local non-profit, telling their story.  The results are astounding. 

This particular film shares the story of the Oregon Public House, the world's first non-profit pub. 100% of the profits from beers, burgers and fries go to the charity of the month. In this case, the charity is homelessness. Through a series of sobering (pun intended) and intimate interviews, we get a glimpse of the different faces of homelessness and how it impacts people in different walks of life.

We're honored to be involved with such an amazing project with our original composition "Meadowlarks" and excited to kick off this week with such an inspiring story of innovation and community.

Enjoy and get involved.