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Music + Picture // Portrait of a Tibetan Craft

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 11.04.39 AM.png

We were absolutely floored by this recent collaboration between film + music from the talented filmmaker Jigme T. Tenzing and his portrait of a carpet factory in Nepal. With each beautiful and serene frame, this film presents one breath-taking sonic and visual texture after another.

Taking place at the Palbu Carpet Atelier, this intimate portrait is narrated by Pasang Wangchuk and follows the step-by-step process of making handcrafted carpets.

From start to finish, the calm and reflective "Night Owls" by Mree provides the perfect soundtrack to accentuate the dreamlike vibe to this colorful film. Tenzing found the song through our Singles Licensing platform.

Enjoy and let this vignette wrap you up in the visual and musical tapestry that we've been lost in all morning.

- Stirling Myles

Check out both versions of the song and hear more music at Mree's Marmoset Artist Profile.