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Featured Artist // Golden Youth

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Sadness will fade upon the first listen.

Hailing from Nashville, TN, Golden Youth create inspiring and cinematic ballads that shine brightly through any emotional ailments. Mainly in the form of a duo, Stephanie Lauren & Kyle Monroe weave soulful songs that keeps in joyful and imaginative place.

Much to the likes of Sigúr Ros and Fleet Foxes, each composition surges with heavy percussion and vocal harmonies that leave you clapping the whole way through.  Golden Youth's music is visual as it brings epic imagery from vivid lyrics and songwriting.

Now onto the sweet jams...

"On Wings" starts off with a nice melodic string section, and it just keeps building from there. At 1:22 the song erupts into a marching beat that lifts the energy level; filled with big drums, organ, ooh's and aah's that coast across a shimmering lake of sound.

Yes, there is whistling in the song "Brother in the Morning Light", and it's accompanied by a huge array of instrumentation.  With heavy stomps and claps, driving acoustic guitar and delicate piano, this song flies through expansive peaks and valleys.

Frontwoman, Stephanie Lauren sings the following chorus in the video below: "We move fast at the speed of sound / we're lost here miles above the ground / We all want to know where to go / lost in the sound far from the ground" and this couldn't be more fitting to their music - it simply soars.

- Stirling Myles

Introducing: Ehren Ebbage

Music oftentimes echoes the sense of our daily lives - complex, layered and shifting from one moment to the next.  Sometimes those complexities are embellished so much in music that they can be unapproachable.  Ehren Ebbage provides a simplicity that is welcomed for sore ears. Newly-transplanted to Nashville, TN, Ehren creates simple and often sparse pieces that are straight forward in lyrical content.  His songs get to the point quickly and lay bare-boned, keeping a light tone and demeanor.

With songs reminiscent of The Beatles ala Paul McCartney, and bounce from one moment to the next in a seamless gait; giving the listener a break from the complex world around us.