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Music + Picture: Camp4 Collective's short film goes into the dangerous unknown

This new adventure film from our friends at Camp4 Collective just blew our minds. And this is just a preview of what's to come.

A team of six explorers—including filmmakers, Renan Ozturk and Cory Richards—set out to climb (and find) Myanmar's highest mountain for National Geographic. The results were dangerous and filled with mystery.

Throughout this short film, the harrowing and epic imagery is juxtaposed with a reflective and beautiful soundtrack by Marmoset Artist David Swensen telling a very human story of adventure and perseverance.

We're at the edge of our seats and this is just a taste of what's to come in their upcoming summer film series. Read the full story on National Geographic's blog.

Field Notes: An interview with director, Aldo Ricci


Aldo Ricci is a man of few words, yet those words carry an immense weight. And when crafting a story, Ricci lets his work do the talking.

Ricci's work is epic and expansive. His films literally give you a different view of the world. Often using a drone to get his larger-than-life footage, Aldo's works are often moved by music, allowing the scenery to speak for itself. His work reminds us to stop and smell the roses and that it's important to get a different perspective every now and then.

Aldo Ricci responded to our questions from his home in Noci, Italy. We chatted about the importance of music in his films and how he's always looking for ways to improve his craft.

M: When did you realize you wanted to become a director?

AR: Last night! no joke, it all started about 4 years ago when my girlfriend bought me a camera, but it was also video. since that day I have not stopped my passion in the my world!

M: What is your favorite moment of the filmmaking process?

AR: What you see online is just the tip of the iceberg, in fact the realization of a video is much more: I listen to the needs of a customer, translate them into a storyboard, choose actors, lights, room to utilize .. and then back studio to the stage assembly, music selection and finally ColorGrade. Out of all this, shooting is definitely my favorite moment.

M: Do you always have a clear vision in mind while filming?

AR: I always, or nearly so, write a precise storyboard many times. However, I also "write" all in my head during the shooting. I can imagine how the imagery will mount, and then click the right shots.

M: Do you ever have happy accidents during filming?

AR: Happy accidents happen very often, and serve to defuse tension in my work. because for me, passion comes first and then it becomes work. If it were not so I would not be able to achieve what I have done to date.

M: What role do you feel the music in the film?

AR: Very often I say in my workshops, music is an integral part of a video, is the backbone of a project, it is a true link between scenes and emotion. Music is the 60/70% of a good movie.

M: When do you know you have something ready to show the world?

AR: There really is not a date, there is no deadline. Any filmmaker must have the courage to "face" the web, be good, but staying at home is useless. When I started watching a lot of videos by other filmmakers, especially behind-the-scenes videos, I start to understand where to improve. Always learning.

The Coors Light Six Pack // Marmoset

We recently collaborated with Young & Rubicam for the new Coors Light "Six Pack" spot. It features big mountain stars Andy Mahre, Zach Crist, Shaun McKay, Ryan Schmies, Dan Ray and Tim Eddy, who venture into Tahoe to find untouched snow. Check it!


Sun Valley campaign featured in the NY Times

Team Marmoset recently teamed up with SF agency Eleven and the most wonderful gentlemen at High/Low Films for an 8-part series on the glorious Central Idaho ski resort, Sun Valley. Our main-man David "Son of Swen" Swensen scored all of the original music in post rock beauty and the campaign came with high praises from none other than Stuart Elliott of the NY Times. The series takes an intimate look at the heritage and people that make up the mountain town, such as the ski instructors, mountaineers and the hard-working folks behind the scenes. There are a few unique things about the Sun Valley ski resort. First off, it's an amazing ski resort, which had a movie filmed about it in the 40's called "Sun Valley Serenade"; more strikingly though, is that it's a resort set in a small town. We like these vignettes so much that it has our interns looking at flights from PDX to I type this. The first clip we have showcases the Sun Valley Suns - a Sun Valley based Hockey team. With deep roots in the community, the Suns are more than a hockey team. They are a source of hometown pride. When they aren't skating towards a win, they are working in town alongside those will later help fill the seats in the stands.

Check out the clip above and the NY Times article HERE.