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Mixtapes for every Mood // How music expresses what we can't

For every moment, there is a mixtape waiting to made.

Mixtapes have the power to express how we feel without overstating it. Whether it's a subtle lament of love, or a bombastic anthem of hope, there's an art to it. Our friends and recent collaborators at Zandrak and Moodsnap agree.

Moodsnap is an app that curates images as a tool to discover music by your emotional response to them. A very intuitive and unique approach to finding the right song for how you're feeling, leaving the analytical part of yourself at the door.

For this project, two tracks from The 'Leles were used to capture the organic and whimsical nature of this piece. Both songs carry a youthful energy with confessional lyrics that cater to the tale of the two young travelers.

Our friends at Zandrak spoke about their experience filming this piece. "This was really fun perspective for all of us at Zandrak. Music plays a huge part in how we approach our projects, but we're more used to the process of trying to bring in music to fit images, rather than the other way around. So to approach music in the reverse was really quite refreshing. But beyond even just the idea of driving music with images, we were drawn to the heart behind Moodsnap- the goal of creating meaningful, authentic listening experiences. "

We take mixtapes seriously and invite you to make your own. What story do you want to tell with yours. Click HERE to find out more.


Let's make a mixtape, shall we?

Mixtape Monday // Sunny Day Folk-Pop

Mixtape Monday // Soundtracks for Startups

3 Simple Steps To Download Your Temp Tracks

There's a lot of music out there, and with our hand-picked and finely curated roster of working and independent artists, we've made it easier with our search features to find the right song for your project. 

So now you've found a few songs that you might want to use for your project, but need to make sure that it's the perfect fit for your film with some editing.  Aside from using our cool new Mixtape feature that lets you collect and share songs, you can download and share MP3 versions to work and edit with clients and coworkers. It's also important to note that these downloaded songs are not watermarked and tainted with, since we understand that it's crucial to try out the real songs before fully committing to licensing them.  Here are three easy steps to get you on your way.

1. Find the track you want

After registering, creating your account, and searching through our catalog, it's time to choose one of the songs that you might want to work with.  First thing to do is hover over the song that you want to download, a group of icons will appear to the right of the song (see below)

Picture 9.png

2. Downloading the temp track

Once you have the icons appearing next to the track you want, click on the download icon (highlighted below) to start the process of getting the song into a workable format for whatever editing program your using.  The song will be downloaded in a lower res MP3 format.

Picture 8.png

3. Sharing your temp track

Once you have successfully downloaded the temp track, you can now import the song into any editing software that you're using with your project, as well as share it with clients and people that are working with you from your computer

When licensing music, It's always good to take the time and make sure you have the right song with time and editing.  With this said, we're excited to help you find the perfect soundtrack with these tools to get your art out into the world.

Let's Make A Mixtape, Shall We?

Picture 2.png

The art of creating a mixtape is an ancient and sacred art. At one point or another, we've put together collections of songs to share something special.  From sending a mix to an awkward crush you've had in the past to making one for a road trip; mix tapes have always been companions to experiences, something that brings a soundtrack to a moment in time.  We've come a long way from the ratty cassette tapes recording songs from the radio, but no matter how the medium changes, the intention is the same: conveying something not easily said in words - conveying an experience.


Marmoset Curated Mixtapes

One of the exciting things we have on our new website is you can now collect and share mixes to convey your experience.  We've made it easy for you to create the perfect mix for any project that you're working on.  To get started, you can see 8 handcrafted mixes we've curated with care from our extensive library.  Within each mix, there is a reoccurring mood and theme ranging from The Cinematic and Inspiring to the joyous moments of a wedding.  Each mix presents ideas and starting points to help with you finding the right soundtrack to your story. While listening to each song on Marmoset Radio, you can learn more about the artists through their bios, and most songs have lyrics available.


Custom Mixtapes

So you've checked out the mixes that we've created?  Now you can make your own.  When you're signed in, you can create, download and share mixes from music you've enjoyed from our catalog. Where to start?  First click on the cassette icon at the top right of your screen, then name and create your mixtape.

Picture 12.png

Once you have a mixtape named and ready to go, you can start adding songs.  When you've found a song that you love, hover over the name and click Add To Mixtape icon (image on the left).   From this point on you can craft and curate your own unique collection of songs that convey your experience and mood of your project.


Sharing Your Mixtape

Now that you've created your mixtape and ready to share with that old flame, coworker on a project, your mother, or rather a client that you're working on a project for.  First click on the Share option on your mixtape.

Picture 8.png

At this point, you can choose which way to share your music with other people.  You can send your mixtape via Email, Facebook, Twitter and even Google +.  


Privacy Settings

Another important feature is the ability to either make your mixtape Public or Private.   By making it private, you can share your mix only with people that you want to see it.  When making it public, you have a chance for your mixtape to featured on our homepage along with our other curated mixes.  This opportunity comes with a prize of free music credits and really cool swag.

There's so many ways to make a mixtape, and with this new feature, you can make your own special companion soundtrack to your story.  Have fun.