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Commercials // Field Trip on Glass

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Sometimes the best way to tell a story is simply showing it.  When conveying a mood and storyline, the subtle can ring louder than the overt.  In a recent vignette that we collaborated with Google on. This story is told without words and based heavily on the implied rather than told.

Throughout this vignette, the appropriately titled Love, Love by The Dimes presents a steady beat as a guiding pace for the carefree summertime vibes that remains constant in this piece.  The essence of youth is highly prevalent, and with all these components wistfully move together in a common theme of discovery.  There is no omnipresent narration during the entire story, everything moves in a showing-not-telling format, leading to a powerful and emotive delivery.

There is a nice breath in the pacing of this film; it lets the music sway with the piece.  The story is arranged through a series of bright imagery matching the uplifting chords in the soundtrack.  Both the visual and the musical are without vocal narration, laying bare-boned creating a third voice that creates a powerful narration felt more than heard. Enjoy this unique pairing of both music and film in this captivating piece.