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WATCH: Lumio's New Invention Shines A Light On Inspiration

Our new collaboration with production company, Remedy highlights the illuminating features of the mini Lumio+, a modern invention that lets people carry a light (and inspiration) source with them anywhere.

You might have seen the recent success of Lumio's modern lighting invention on Shark Tank Season 6 -- not to mention that their simple and innovative designs have been blowing up the Internet. And to follow it up, Lumio created a new, smaller version of this technological design marvel. The mini Lumio+ presents the same smart design with an assuming journal-bound structure opening up into pages of luminescence.  We worked with our friends at Remedy to celebrate the new and unique release of Lumio's innovative apparatus.  Enjoy.

Moving along with the use of complex set of imagery and sequences the film, the track "The Butterfly Hunter" by Jules Blueprints adds to the simplicity and playfulness of Lumio's newest design. When given proper light, new ways of looking at things can lead to limitless possibilities -- Lumious provides the tools.


Featured Artist // Amerin


This California-based duo creates electro-pop soundscapes that lay a perfect bedding for those reflective moments within your project.  This music moves in slow moving waves glimmering with the morning sun. Joel Vanz and Bethany Joy, whom make up Amerin, balance the duality of dark and light within each of their compositions.

Here are three ways this band can add depth to your film.

Their music is optimistic without being over the top. Things are kept positive in this chill jam "All You Need." With drum machines and synthesizers keeping a steady pulse, the song flows with a natural human quality with ethereal vocal textures. 

Their music has space to help any scene breathe with ease. The instrumental version of "I'll See You" is minimal and creates a nice groove that is catchy yet non-intrusive. This composition showcases a sense of mystery, yet gives the sense of discovery, those "ah-ha" moments we yearn for.

Their music can add that extra "cool" factor to a project you're working on.  Their slick and precise song "Hesh" struts along with powerful beats and melodies. Filled with vivid imagery of city skylines at night yet this piece evokes imagination giving room to roam and create a world of your own.

Featured Artist // Dan Koch

Dan Koch.jpg

Composer, Dan Koch gets right to the point with his music.  Coming out in short bursts of 30 second songs, his music captivates and paints vivid moods in his expansive sonic canvas. Koch's compositions cannot be boiled down to one genre as he playfully hops from one to the other without missing a beat.  Check out these three examples how he tells a story in a very short time.

We'll first start with the classic and youthful "Bloom".  Keeping and light and confident presence, this short piece moves right along with strong upbeat vibes.  This inspiring jam is reminiscent of those long struts in bell bottoms you may have never had.

"Buzzing" bounces along in a hopeful manner, leaping around with bright guitar and Afro-beat percussion. In 31 seconds, this ascending piece lifts any mood up to an empowered level.  Koch's arsenal of pop sensibilities really shines through with this piece in how it hooks you in and keeps you coming back.

Koch's "Epic" brings a more mysterious tone to the table in one of his longer pieces (a whopping 2:39).  Opening with angelic synthesizer, this perfectly named song continues to ascend with shimmering electric guitar and bursts into a revelatory crescendo with marching drums (ala Explosions in the Sky) rolling in at 2:13.