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Creating space // Exploring the new, striking documentary "Common Ground"

common ground.jpg

In the age of ever-expanding building, energy mining and motor throughways, there is still a place in the U.S. that remains relatively untouched: The Rocky Mountain Front in northwestern Montana. 

In her latest documentary, "Common Ground," filmmaker Alexandria Bombach and the team at Red Reel Productions visit the gorgeous wilderness of the Rocky Mountain Range, telling a story that explores the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act, where 208,000 acres of land will be set aside to remain undeveloped.

Set to the delicate and emotional piano compositions by Matthew Morgan and Bell Plaines with sparse folk instrumentals by Laura Veirs and Jonathan Haidle, the film presents a beautiful and honest portrait of how people interact with the land, and what it means to have open space. 

As their stories unfold, there is equal parts of hope and seriousness that perfectly matches the soundtrack. The quiet visual elements are perfectly paired with the soft, ambient score, creating a calm, reflective piece as a whole. 

Check out the short documentary here:

How many days have you forgotten?

As a call to action in this new video from Story & Heart, Dan Riordan and Dana Saint from Gnarly Bay Productions have one request for you: break your routine and tell a story.

With an empowering soundtrack "July Flame" by our Featured Artist Laura Veirs,  this vignette conveys the importance of capturing moments in our lives to weave together an incredible narrative. 

In a recent S&H blog from, our good friend Justin DeMers writes:

What drives us to capture our stories is to not only keep them close to our hearts, but to help others experience them too—to experience the beauty we see in the world...You have no excuse to not start filming.  Because once you start, you may find that you can't stop.

In other words, get off your ass, grab a camera and tell your story. 

Don't Move Here: Episode #3

WK don't move here

In the third installment of this season's "Don't Move Here," Wieden+Kennedy dive a little deeper into the odds and ends of Portland's music culture. For this episode, local long-haired country rocker, Lewi Longmire, is featured talking about his influences inside Portland's neighborhood venue, The LaurelThirst Public House. The LaurelThirst is a stumptown staple and a local watering hole for the likes of Laura Viers, The Decemberists, REM's Scott McCaughey, James Mercer and many others. Also featured in this episode of "Don't Move Here" is the children's monthly rock variety show, "You Who." Founders Seann McKeel and Chris Funk of The Decemberists give an inside look into how the variety show is run, with a special performance by The Builders and the Butchers.

Check out Episode #3 here.