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Share A Coke Collaboration Shines with Summer Vibes

It's official, summer is in full effect. This means backyard BBQs, outings and reunions of every kind. It's the season to step out into the sun to make and share stories. Our recent collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy for the Coca-Cola Company personalizes this summer of sharing with their "Share A Coke" campaign. 

Over the course of this summer, Coca-Cola has replaced their logo with what might be your name; see if you can find yours HERE. If you don't find your name (sorry to folks named Ezekiel), you can make a custom order

Our friends, composers Johnny Clay and Kelly Ann Masigat (The Dimes + Trimountaine) really capture the essence of summer in their original composition for this piece. Bouncing along with joy and a youthful spirit, this song matches the vibrant energy of this spot with steady, marching drums and ascending acoustic guitar. Masigat's voice holds a sunny disposition with her conversational lyrics, narrating throughout the sunny, moving imagery.

This collaboration of music and story is filled with a ton of energy, interlocking with music and imagery. Check out how the drums pick up at 0:35, lifting the scene into a celebration of sight and sound. Enjoy the sweet summer vibes.

Featured Artist // Belvedear


A song is only as good as the story behind it.  Belvedear is a story of longtime friends Eric Nordby (Norman) and Johnny Clay (The Dimes), and it's a tale that is at once familial and welcoming.

This collaboration between two old friends reveals some incredible results.  Their orchestral-pop ballads present a world of hope, optimism and joy which is a nice breath of fresh air.  

Let's take stroll in sunlight of their songs...

"Drivers" moves like a sweeping cinematic score with acoustic guitar and strings elevating the mood to a bright and revelatory space.  The song starts minimal and ascends into a flurry of multiple crescendos and bursts into an full on anthem at 1:28.

The reflective mood of "Runway" begins in human and vulnerable state, starting with sparse piano and strings.  At :48, the song lifts into an empowered crescendo with oohs & ahhs leading the way.

"Love Lines" starts right out of the gates with confidence and never lets you down. Upbeat and inspiring, this composition will lift any mood in just one minute. An eternally youthful piece that is filled with...well, love.

3 things to consider when making your next project

A couple days ago, talented filmmaker Tim Feeny from Limelight Studios sent me a film and was excited about his first time placing a Marmoset singles license.  He used the song 107 by Josh Garrels. This inspiring video got me thinking about some of the key points in finding the right song for your wedding film; here are three things to consider to make your unique story stand out.  Make sure to check out Feeny's amazing vignette at the bottom and send us your work as well, we love getting content from all you creative folks out there.

1. Story Arc

Finding a song that matches the unique emotional highlights of the story is essential in creating an impactful film.  What is the story of the project? Does it bounce around and cut to different parts of the storyline?  Does the film build over time to reach an emotional finale at the end?  When looking at your project as a whole, something to consider is finding the right song that dances along with the imagery in unison making a cohesive storyline.  Here are some different examples...

"Lucky One" by Trimountaine is a good example of an ascending arc; it builds as the song progresses reaching a climax at the end.

Picture 2.png

Chris Molitor's song "You're My Baby" presents a song with multiple crescendos in the same song, rising and falling in emotional intensity.

Picture 4.png

2. Lyrical Content

When using a song with lyrics, make sure it's consistent with the story of the wedding.  It's probably not the best to use a song about breaking up alongside footage of a happy couple, unless that's what you're into.  Songs with lyrics about love and inspiring moments might be your best bet.  Take for example the earnest and heartfelt lyrics of the song "Love, Love, Love" by Sunbeam.

3. Mood

Every story is unique and the the music should match the individualized vibe of the event. When choosing a song, some good questions to start with are - What is the personality?  Is it serious or funny?  A key element in making a great film relies on having the music match the personal dynamics of the relationships and journey that sets them apart from all others.

Enjoy this beautiful film and be sure to send us your work, we always love seeing the awesome films you're creating. - Stirling Myles