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Mixtape Mondays // Cinematic Post-Rock


Stargaze with the Cinematic Post-Rock mixtape. 

This week, we present 9 epic compositions to stare at the skies with. Within each song, there is a balance of the grandiose and a calm, reflective space.  These soaring jams remind us of how truly small we are in the universe, so feel free to get existential with this one.

Here's a few songs to give you an idea...

"James 2" by Drexler builds on a steady pulse surrounded by beautiful guitar textures and synthesizers.  Keeping an optimistic and hopeful tone, everything ascends and culminates into a bright crescendo at 1:28.

Things are a little more ambient with the song "Foma 4" by Yardsss, yet it still presents a powerful musical journey.  In the constantly-ascending composition, this piece is packed with big drums, electric guitar, ooh's & aah's, piano and synthesizer

Lastly, we have the empowering composition "Young Nights" by More Like Georgia. This song starts with a nice, inspired piano intro, then continues to build with guitar textures until it kicks off with anthemic vocal melodies at 1:02.

Check out and download the rest of the mixtape HERE.