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Meet your new winter jam // Kye Kye - Honest Affection


Kye Kye has just released their single "Honest Affection" from their upcoming full length 'Fantasize' today.  We've been listening to it all morning.

Charged with ethereal synthetic textures, this moody and hauntingly beautiful song will fully immerse you. Ranging from reflective to hopeful states, this powerful song will remain locked in your head long after listening to it.

How would you incorporate this song into your film? Here's a chance to show us.   We're giving away signed copies of Fantasize to the first 5 people that license this song in their next project.  Send us your work at

Filmmaker Salomon Ligthelm revealed his interpretation of the song in his new music video (also released today), presenting something very new and unique to this genre of filmmaking.  Taking old and new footage, this vignette pieces together a juxtaposed collage, all weaved together into one cohesive story of love and conflict coexisting simultaneously.

Enjoy this striking video below...