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Travel around the world with Budo's Electro-Pop

The synthetic meets the organic.

Drawing from a deep well of production experience with the likes of Macklemore, Grieves and Slug (Atmosphere), Budo's hypnotizing electro-pop transports you to serene states of mind. The music from Budo combines so many different electronic and acoustic elements into his music, he's more a chemist than musician. 

Here are 3 songs that inspire travel and adventure...

First, let's go to the eastern hemisphere with "Istanbul." This powerful piece starts out with melodic plucking from violins, ascending into a beautiful chorus of horns and and piano. Cascading up and down hills of intensity, electronic textures softly move in and out of focus building into an emotional and orchestral summit at the end.

Bound for Europe, "Helsinki" travels in chill, dreamlike state. Keeping on a positive and hopeful note, synthesizer, piano and strings lock into a dance groove with drum machines. Ambient electric guitar hovers, diving down into a string section that feels like a night at the symphony. This composition is a steady journey through reflective states of our human story.

Bringing everything closer to home, Budo lands in the Pacific Northwest with "Fremont." Horns and string plucks kick things off. Continuing in cinematic fashion, subtle piano moves between relaxed electronic beats. Stoic, yet calm, this piece tells a tale of revelation and perseverance. 


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