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5 songs to inspire your audience with community building

With summer (finally) just around the corner, planning for group activities and team building events are in full swing - whether it be retreats, festivals, summer camps, or honestly any excuse to bring people together.

Here are 5 songs that capture a warm, open and inviting feel, perfect for stories centered around community.

1. "Lilyana" by Fever Fever

On this joyous track, light, airy oohs & ahhs kick in around 1:07, fluttering over a deep, steady bas with big bursts of drums. The sound dips off halfway through to a simple beat, but not for long - a floating, atmospheric guitar riff kicks back in around 1:40, building on drums until the encouraging group vocals resume. This instrumental is an epic journey that reaches a comforting end.

2. "Banding Together" by Lee Brooks

This song might start off more delicate than other tracks on the list, but that feeling doesn't last for long. Maintaining a light, breezy feel with piano and guitar, the song takes flight around 0:22. introducing an empowering wall of strings and ascending oohs & ahhs that build into an inspiring crescendo.

3. "Train Tracks" by Marmoset

Sound much like a locomotion picking up speed, it's no wonder this song was titled "Train Tracks." Beginning with simple, repetitive piano and energetic drums, the track ramps up around 0:41 and releases  a cheery burst of optimistic strings and percussion. The song charges full steam ahead and reaches its orchestral summit, then tapers off to a satisfying end with subtle guitar strums.

4. "Rainbow Colors" by Wonderful

Venturing into the pop world, this song exudes a joyful and positive vibe. A quirky synth melody starts things off, quickly backed by loud, powerful group vocals around 0:22. Anchored by big drums with playful flourishes of piano, this creates an open, expansive feel that travels into anthemic territory, bringing infectious hope.

5. "Skies Electrified" by Marmoset

Bringing in a dancey feel with upbeat optimism, "Skies Electrified" bursts with bright tones. While keeping things simple with a catchy synth scale, there are touches of electric guitar playing in the background. Pair that with a steady, swinging drum beat and this track beams with a blast of confident energy.

- Kaitie Todd

Film // The Theory of Everything Trailer

Here's something you don't see all of time: a trailer for a book.  We had a lot of fun working on this teaser for Kari Luna's debut book The Theory of Everything being published by Penguin Group. This endearing vignette was a great example of digital media holding hands with the physical printed word; blending together the cinematic with the open-ended element of imagination you get only when reading.

Our friends in Medium Size Kids provided the soundtrack to this youthful collaboration.