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Kelli Schaefer will rip out your heart...and then put it back at Marmoset's Hott Summer Nights MusicFest Party at Rontoms on Sunday, September 9th 2012

Simply put, Kelli Schaefer is one of the Northwest's best kept secrets. Shifting between sometimes soft and sparse sounds to driving and rhythmically frenetic, infectious textures, all of it is heart-scorching and, often, transcendent. Check out this intimate live video for "Black Dog," or better yet, come to Marmoset's Hott Summer Nights MusicFest Party on September 9th, 2012 at Rontoms. Kelli plays at 9pm on the big stage. Her live set is loud and brutal and wonderful and cutting..all at the same time. It's an honor to have Kelli on the Marmoset roster. Listen (stream/download) the album version here: Black Dog by Kelli Schaefer


So Fresh: The Mighty Sequoyah

Based in the deserty landscapes of Utah, The Mighty Sequoyah is quite the hidden gem.  They released their sophomore album "Sunken Houses" earlier this summer showcasing five part harmonies and lovely blend of upbeat tunes and heartfelt nostalgia.  Marmoset is proud to have them on our roster. Check out/download "Enchanters" by The Mighty Sequoyah.

This Wednesday: Kris Orlowski plays Someday Lounge in Portland

You can skip out on that Twin Peaks party you had planned this Wednesday... you can catch up later. Instead, head on over to the Someday Lounge to see our bud Kris Orlowski play with Glassbones, Hive Mind, and De La Warr. Kris's songwriting is uniquely personal, even if you're a first time listener. His brand of folk-rock is as infectious the rash I can't seem to shake on the inside of my thigh. I'm not lying, this thing is infectious - oh man. But enough about me... The show starts at 9pm and the cover charge is $8 at the door. Someday Lounge is located off the Max line in Chinatown at 125 NW 5th Avenue, Portland Oregon.

We'll see you there!