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Music IQ // The Role of Movement

In all types of moving imagery, there is a story. No matter how short the medium is, there is always an overall narrative.  The process of music placement in film can be a multi-layered experience in where there are many factors that go into finding the perfect composition to fit the narrative.   With the involvement of music as support, it needs to compliment and evolve as the story does.  Movement in composition is a critical element for this, it needs to be dynamic instead of remaining static to a shifting story. 

Movement in a song tells a story in itself, being created by bringing in new layers and replacing old ones, developing and evolving as it's own unique character.  As the story progresses, so does the soundtrack. 

Here are some some examples of Movement in music and how it helps guide the overall larger narrative of the film. 

Keith Kenniff - Getting Better

This is a great piece that appeared in a moving vignette for Wolverine Shoes.  This spot was unique in that there wasn't an ominous vocal narrative, thus relying heavily on music to direct the shifts and momentum of the story presented.

The composition unfolds beautifully as it adds stringed textures while keeping a consistent pulse.  Although the pace remains the same, different instruments take turns taking the leads melody moving from one scene to the next.  The music flows with the reflective nature of study to the brighter moments of epiphany and ingenuity. 

Sanford Livingston - Flight In The Cascades

This epic and heavily orchestrated composition matches the equally epic and moving imagery in this spot for Informatica.  In the beginning, the music plods along the narrative slowly bringing in slow sweeping string melodies to build the anticipation of the mood within the story.

In cinematic fashion, the composition builds and expands bringing in new textures such as percussion and synths to the mix.  Matching the monumental landscapes and collage-esque editing, the symphonic composition unfolds and pieces together a soaring and atmospheric climax of all the instruments joining in harmony.  Beautiful from start to finish.

Drexler - The Steady Coolness

Here's another piece where the soundtrack takes the forefront of the auditory narrative.  Another aspect of this vignette is that the music has vocals in it furthering the element of storytelling.  Throughout this vignette from Citilink Indonesia, the music bounces along with steady guitar and percussive textures traveling along the imagery.  As the project captured in this film builds in resources and creativity, so does the song.  The light-hearted nature of this composition builds and brings in and out textures revisiting melodic themes in different instrumental voices.  The lyrics remain simple in nature letting the imagery have space to unfold, harnessing a cohesive collaboration between the soundtrack and film.

With these examples in mind, there is always a lot of room in creating a harmony with both mediums of storytelling through song and film together.  One common theme throughout each of these examples is the element of consistent change in textures within the songs.  Each song shifts and adds new melodies and instruments every few seconds, matching the quick changes on the screen.  These collaborations above are only a few examples in so many possibilities and are always creatively in motion themselves.