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Guest DJ: Rebecca Hynes, Director

Last Tuesday, we caught up with director/filmmaker, Rebecca Hynes about her search for finding the right story to tell. She landed on a compelling portrait of a small town rodeo in her documentary "Rodeo Dog." Check out the teaser HERE.

Inspired by the soundtrack to her recent film, Hynes created her mixtape "Cloud Beats," filled with tracks that give a chill and engaging vibe, helping you find your story within the fog.

The cinematic "Intimidated By Silence" by Cars & Trains combines organic textures with electro-pop beats. This ethereal track lays a perfect foundation for those moments of travel and reflection.

Bliss out to this dreamy track by Tape Recorder called "Master of None." This stoic and upbeat instrumental brings out all the washy drum machines that you could ever want, along with soothing synthesizer textures. Peaceful and serene, this song is an ode to imagination.

The inspiring and anthemic "See the Sun" by Safe // Sorry is filled to the brim with big drums, sweeping piano, electric guitar and synthesizer. Empowering with an intimate vibe, this ambient track is a call to action to start on that adventure you've always wanted to go on.


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