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The vintage (cheesy) charm of Old Spice's new "4th and Touchdown" talk show

Dust off those remotes, tracking might be required — The retro vibes are strong on this one.

Our recent collaboration with our buds at Wieden+Kennedy sent us on a rocket ship back to the age of VHS. The 80s are alive and well in this new Old Spice talk show "4th and Touchdown."

We were more than excited to score the theme music for this amazing new throwback web series. And to really hone in on the vintage charm of late night television, our team of composers packed in as much lo-fi cheesy guitar riffs and epic drum fills as we could. Check out the promo below.

"4th and Touchdown" presents the animatic "ManDroid" as he awkwardly interviews NFL celebrities in between short circuits and failed attempts at high fives. Watch this hilarious interaction with New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees. We can't stop laughing over here.