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Watch: portrays musicians in a powerful way in their #sweatstyle film series.

Field Notes Interview: Amanda Rotstein, Digital Editor for

Iconic Toronto-based clothing and lifestyle brand, Roots paired up with Canadian musicians in support of amazing local music in their compelling #sweatstyle campaign film series. What they created was something quite powerful.

Over the course of last year, we collaborated with Roots on a few projects and this one left us in awe. Roots interviewed musicians likes of Tokyo Police Club frontman, Dave Monks, soul powerhouse, k-os and and indie-pop writer, Hannah Georgas in a series if intimate portraits. Each artist discussed how they found music and how it continues to inspire them. The result is something genuine and celebratory. We chatted with Digital Editor, Amanda Rotstein to get some insight into their project.

M: Who are you and what do you do in the world?

AR: I am the Digital Editor for - so I work on all of the online content that gets translated into our integrated marketing campaigns. A lot of my work has to do with sourcing the right influencers for a project and creating strategic brand partnerships. 

M: What goes behind creating a compelling brand story?

AR: Visuals married with a strong content marketing plan are a must. Also finding a creative way to integrate social vs. simply posting our campaign photography is imperative. Consumers are so savvy these days, and they can see when you are telling an inauthentic story. Every single campaign we work on has to feel as though it is an extension of our brand and brand narrative. 

M: How do you feel music plays a role in creating a brand narrative?

AR: Music is the extra layer that helps create a mood. As a lifestyle company, it is important that the music that we choose marries the image we have. We are committed to showcasing beautiful natural environments, healthy living and sport. It wouldn't make sense for us to choose a heavy EDM track for our brand - something folksier and more down to earth is something that is more in line.

M: What went behind the process of finding the music for your musician videos?

AR: Our photographers and videographers really led that charge. They knew their footage inside-and-out and the music that they chose complimented the imagery. Because we all went into the project knowing what we wanted to capture and the mood we were trying to create, choosing the music was relatively easy - and having the categorization that Marmoset has really helps narrow that field instantly.

M: What goes behind creating a unique film campaign?

AR: Big question! The process starts 6 months in advance, discussing locations and story. After securing a location it takes months of production and planning to move our crew there. Creatively, we have been storyboarding and building the content calendar and social media influencer campaign concurrently. 

M: What's coming up on the horizon for you?

AR: 2016 is a huge year - we are planning on going to even more exotic locales and expand our horizons globally.