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3 Soulful-Pop songs from Damon Castillo that will make you smile

Simple and to the point, the music of Damon Castillo will make you smile.

It's no small coincidence that some of the most joyful music we've heard comes from San Luis Obispo, CA, touted at "the happiest place in the country" by National Geographic. Damon Castillo's soulful-pop songs speak to the human story that we live every day. Keeping company with the likes of Jason Mraz, Amos Lee and Brett Dennen, Castillo's music moves with hope.

Here are three unabashed songs that dive right into the heart of the optimistic spectrum of our lives.

"California Minute" beams rays of sunshine, brightening every dark corner in sight. Packed with acoustic guitar, horns, piano, strings, and stomps, this inspiring number is led by Castillo's rich and earnest voice, conveying a story of overcoming obstacles that may stand in our way.

It's hard not to clap along with "I Got To Be Right." Keeping things positive and bright, there is also a sexiness with the vintage funk synthesizer throughout this ballad of love and reflection.

Sultry and smooth, "Headed For A Breakdown" transports you to the dance floor. This confession of devotion bounces along with strong soul vibes completed by infectious + catchy piano and electric guitar