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Panel Discussion: Music Production Insights for Composing and Music Licensing

In the modern music landscape, music licensing has become one of the greatest opportunities for making a living as a blue collar, working musician. However, when it comes to crafting music with picture and licensing in mind, it can often times be a challenging, elusive process.

On Thursday, November 6th at 6:30PM, Marmoset is hosting a panel discussion of talented industry insiders in an open conversation to shed light on creating, editing and producing music for picture and music licensing. Through transparent dialogue, our aim is to dispel any mystery, challenges and confusion within the craft and nuances of do-it-yourself music production.

The event is part of Marmoset's ongoing focus on the artists we partner with and engaging them, along with the greater blue collar music community, in education, support and conversation. 

This conversation is taking place at Marmoset HQ - 2105 SE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

This event is now fully booked and we're no longer accepting RSVPs. Sign up for our email list to learn more about our upcoming panels.

Let's meet the speakers...

Dave Gulick laid the foundation for his career in music by songwriting and performing in bands such as Derby and Fremont. As his career has grown and blossomed over the past three years, Dave has achieved notable success composing music for commercials and recording music for licensing that's specifically crafted with picture in mind. Dave will share his inspiring story and provide insights and examples of how he's been able to forge a successful, blue collar full-time career in music.


Eric Nordby has been on both sides of the coin. He's the songwriter and leader of his band Norman, he crafts music for picture with his friend Johnny Clay in their collaboration project Belvedear, and he also leads the Music Supervision team at Marmoset. He'll share his thoughts and experiences on how to hit the often elusive target that is "music licensing" and will provide examples of real creatives briefs and projects he's worked on.

rob dennler.jpg

Rob Dennler comes with an impressive resume, recording and engineering with the likes of Built To SpillFun., and The Parson Red Heads. Now, as the Lead Producer at Marmoset, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the table, shedding light on the production aspects of music licensing, answering questions like "What ways can DIY recording artists improve their production?" "What tools should they use?" "What are smart investments for equipment and software?" and other tips, tricks, insider secrets.


Moderating the event is our fearless leader, Marmoset Co-Founder Ryan Wines, bringing a wealth of working knowledge in the music licensing industry as a label owner, a band manager, an entrepreneur and a creative director.  Ryan co-pilots Marmoset’s creative teams, overseeing all music licensing and original music projects. He also recently gave a TED Talk on nurturing curiosity, fostering a creative culture, and the thrill of loving the work that you do.