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Working Through Adversity: How Music Can Help Salvage a Film

When working on a project, adversity can sometimes bring the best results. Ben Sturgulewski shared his recent film Inversions with us and a story of how he overcame many obstacles to create something amazing.

In his fourth and final part of a short film series The Shadow Campaign with DPS Skis, Outdoor Research and Gore TexSturgulewski showed up to "pretty miserable conditions" at Bladface Lodge in BC and had to cope with what he had. "Since the snow was so bad, we [the crew] put all of our effort into coming up with angles that would make it look slightly less bad, or at least a bit more interesting than your average shot."

Then things went from bad to worse.

Two of the skiers the crew were filming got injured during the first days of the trip with the weather brought conditions where "you don't even turn on the camera." Yet, they continued and eventually reached a turning point. Near the end of their trip they "got one sunny day in [and] produced a ton of footage despite the snow still not being great" and turned their spirits around.

Once they were in the editing room, everything coalesced into an amazing short film. A lot of this had to do with the soundtrack. The track "Lake Yarina" by Josh Garrels elevated the aesthetic of the film, "I was able to find two pieces of great music that provided a good juxtaposition of the varying light and conditions we had, and they really breathed some life into the piece and gave it some body." Ben continued with the conclusion that "in the end, given the circumstances I think it's something I can still be proud of, which in some ways makes the struggle worth it."

Enjoy the results.

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