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Mixtapes for every Mood // How music expresses what we can't

For every moment, there is a mixtape waiting to made.

Mixtapes have the power to express how we feel without overstating it. Whether it's a subtle lament of love, or a bombastic anthem of hope, there's an art to it. Our friends and recent collaborators at Zandrak and Moodsnap agree.

Moodsnap is an app that curates images as a tool to discover music by your emotional response to them. A very intuitive and unique approach to finding the right song for how you're feeling, leaving the analytical part of yourself at the door.

For this project, two tracks from The 'Leles were used to capture the organic and whimsical nature of this piece. Both songs carry a youthful energy with confessional lyrics that cater to the tale of the two young travelers.

Our friends at Zandrak spoke about their experience filming this piece. "This was really fun perspective for all of us at Zandrak. Music plays a huge part in how we approach our projects, but we're more used to the process of trying to bring in music to fit images, rather than the other way around. So to approach music in the reverse was really quite refreshing. But beyond even just the idea of driving music with images, we were drawn to the heart behind Moodsnap- the goal of creating meaningful, authentic listening experiences. "

We take mixtapes seriously and invite you to make your own. What story do you want to tell with yours. Click HERE to find out more.


Let's make a mixtape, shall we?

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