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Download Our "Electro Chill" Mixtape


Guest DJ: Aaron Tharpe, Filmmaker

Sometimes the most subtle of textures can make the most impact. Our new Electro Chill mixtape provides ten powerful tracks that leave a lasting impression while taking you on a serene journey through electronic landscapes.

Earlier this week, we interviewed and featured the inspiring work of filmmaker, Aaron Tharpe. A consistent theme within all his films is the strong mood he creates with the use of music. Each of his soundtracks lays down a lush bedding of tones and textures that make room for the visual story to breathe.

Check out and download the mixtape. Share with us what you create - Enjoy.


3 Examples of How Music Can Direct the Emotion of a Scene

Last week, our Co-Founder, Brian Hall spoke at CreativeMornings on his life and relationship with composing music for film. One of his main points was how music plays a powerful role in film. Not only can it support the general mood of a scene, it can also carry a heavy presence in telling a story and how we perceive the emotions of each character.

Getting into the holiday spirit, we're using footage from our tree-cutting excursion with three different soundtracks that each tell a unique story.

1. Marching into battle

Federale's "Tribe" channels the gritty, daring, and mischievous qualities of a spaghetti western. This track gives you the impression that our characters are marching to the final fight. The bombastic soprano and general irony of the music against this scenery also somehow makes our heroes feel quirky/clumsy/awkward. 

2. Retreating from battle

The ethereal remix of "Rise" by Josh Garrels gives a mysterious outlook as the group ventures into unknown territory. There's an epic and dark quality to this music, giving you the sense something very important is happening.

3. A Triumphant Return

"Brother in the Morning Light" by Golden Youth is a rallying call to action. Watch how this radiant group returns from a long and arduous journey with their spirits intact, rejuvenated in this victorious homecoming. 

Now it's time for your story. What do you get from these 3 different films? Share your opinion with us on Twitter (@marmosetmusic) and even make your own version and share it with us at We'll choose our favorite and feature it on our blog next Wednesday.

Guest DJ: Ben Fullerton, Filmmaker

When traveling, it's always good to have a road map. 

Earlier this week, we interviewed Filmmaker, Ben Fullerton about his process of letting the soundtrack drive the stories in his films. We're now excited to present his mixtape "Going Somewhere" — a collection of tracks that have strong movement and intention.

Ben had this to say:

I tried to pick songs based on the theme I talked about in the blog post, which [are] songs that feel like they’re going somewhere. Not just going, lots of songs do that; but going SOMEWHERE. They’re headed to a specific place. Each of these songs already feel like a story to me. I can hear the cuts, feel the pacing and see in my head [the] visuals to go with them.


Music + Picture // How "Our Summer's Reach" bottles the essence of a season

We might be a little biased, but Oregon summers are the best.

As today marks the official start of fall, we take a final look at the last days of summer with "Our Summer's Reach." The new film from our friend and filmmaker, Josh Brine from Story & Heart perfectly captures the feeling of our favorite time of year.

In a series of inspiring footage, Brine bottles the sense of adventure, travel and friendship without saying a word — he lets the images speak for themselves.

Our anthemic original composition "The View From The Top" follows along this epic journey. Driven by electric guitars and oohs & ahhs, this composition reaches revelatory heights, while telling a youthful story of triumph and empowerment — a story of summer.


Music + Picture // The Seven Wonders of Oregon

5 Radiant Songs for your Summer Film

Songs That Travel // Fitting Songs for Epic Outdoor Journeys

Featured Artist // Lullatone


Lullatone's uplifting lullabies prove that you don't have to be asleep to dream. All ages welcome.

Hailing from Nagoya, Japan, this husband and wife duo use unlikely instruments (including household items) to create their delightful compositions. As the name suggests, they craft lullabies combining electronic sounds and children's instruments, providing a bedding (pun intended) of lush, poppy textures. 

Here's an example...

Their beautiful composition "Climbing a Mountain in the Snow" travels and moves like a journey. Using bright and calm textures such as glockenspiel, toy piano and string plucks, this hopeful piece marches with a steady, anthemic beat. This is a joyful song that tells a whimsical story, taking flight, taking in all the sights and details below.

Check out more at their Marmoset Artist Profile.



Peter Young has 2 electro-pop songs that will inspire you 

Marley Carroll's "The Hunter" is the ultimate spring jam

Mixtape Monday // Angelic + Dreamy

Featured Artist // Federale

Gather 'round outlaws, ne'er-do-well's and drifters.  This music is for you.  

Federale writes orchestral ballads for the most intense of shoot outs in their own brand of spaghetti-western compositions.  Re-capturing the gritty, yet spacious atmosphere of the dusty old west, this band presents huge sonic soundscapes packed with dueling drums + guitars, trumpets, choirs and even melodic whistling to set a strong tone and vivid imagery.  Set down those copies of "A Fist Full of Dollars" and "Once Upon a Time in the West" and dig these new (and vintage) sounds...

The slow building intro of their song "The Ascent", feels like a scene out of a Sergio Leone film. This honorable and masculine composition is cinematic and climbs in intensity over time reaching a climax of horns and high pitched vocal choirs leading the way in this sombre tale.

"Road to Battle" starts off a with a steady pulse and gallops along in a classic and rebellious spirit.  In just 2:49 minutes, it feels like a journey into the foreboding and open desert country.  Electric guitar and organ are showcased in this instrumental that would make Ennio Morricone proud.

The big drums in "Fine" really shine through this anthemic piece. Both inspiring and upbeat, the epic whistling and brass section creates a powerful arrangement. All in all, this badass composition might just make you pick up smoking and horseback riding, just saying.